It would be foolhardy for every country to turn a blind eye and ignore the problem of climate change, and while this infographic highlights the positive efforts which are being made at a global level by leading environmental agencies to combat the issue, it also indicates countries which have yet to make their pledge to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The history and predictions for future world energy consumption shows that while the countries who have made their pledge to the OECD show a levelling of the amount of energy used to 2040, those countries who have not made their pledge will continue to steadily use more energy. The disparity between the two is vast, as such, it seems that in order to bridge the gap forward thinking countries need to make investments in renewable and ‘green’ energy using present and new methodologies.

Reading the infographic, it is easy to see that investments now will help save the planet for future generations, and while it may seem a drop in a vast ocean we can all make a concretive effort to reduce our energy usage at home and work by adopting some simple lifestyle changes such as switching off appliances rather than leaving them on ‘stand-by’ mode, using rechargeable batteries and being vigilant when it comes to recycling.

With small lifestyle changes and large investments by the countries that have given their pledge, it is possible to save the planet, but only when every country and its population gets on board and faces the climate change challenges ahead.