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By: The Tesla Team

April 7, 2016

So note folks (GLG HERE) that orders are coming off the lot in Westchester. Model X cars are on the street. Model S sales have grown but not as much as X. While everyone is waiting on the Model 3!


A week ago, we started taking reservations for Model 3. Similarly the excitement has been incredible.

We’ve now received more than 325,000 reservations. Thereby corresponding to about $14 billion in implied future sales. Thereby making this the single biggest one-week launch of any product ever.

This interest has also spread completely organically. Unlike other major product launches. For they haven’t advertised or paid for any endorsements. Instead, this has been a true grassroots effort.

All driven by the passion of the Tesla team. A team that’s worked so hard to get to this point. As well as our current and future customers who believe so strongly in what we are trying to achieve.

Most importantly, they are all taking a huge step towards a better future by accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is a game changer



They want to thank everyone who has shown their faith in Tesla. As well as the mission of electric vehicles. They would write more. However they need to get back to increasing our Model 3 production plans!

As Seth wrote back in 2018 representing Panasonic USA and Tesla

At the booth, Panasonic shared that they and Tesla have partnered.  They’ve partnered to mass-produce lithium-ion battery. That’s as well as the Tesla Model 3. The high performance cylindrical 2170 cell was jointly designed and engineered by Panasonic and Tesla. All to offer the best performance at the lowest production cost in an ideal form factor for both electric vehicles and energy products, like the Tesla Power Wall.

The Power Wall is a home energy storage and management solution. Panasonic and Tesla are conducting phased investment in the Gigafactory. This will have 35 GWh/year production capacity of lithium-ion battery cells. That‘s more than produced worldwide in 2013.


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