Kia Soul EV goes National Drive Electric Week

Kia has been heavily invested into showing the public how amazing the Soul EV is for the National Drive Electric Week.

Fully electric vehicles can also lead to a drastic change of habits and spending. Especially and certainly in comparison to gas guzzling vehicles. As I am constantly educating consumers to know and understand what it’s like to live fully electric. Because it’s more than an amazing car. It really is a zero emissions and a cost saver!

test drive kia soul EV
I test drove this Kia Soul EV

Consequently, it can be recharged by plugging the car into a standard household outlet. You know, the same one you’d use to charge your phone!

In addition, the Soul EV is the first car ever manufactured to feature a true “driver-only” ventilation system.

That’s all by pressing a button on the dashboard marked “driver-only”. Then the driver can simply switch off air to most of the cabin. Even on the dashboard. As well as, foot ventilation to other passengers. It’s all as a result to further save on energy.

Please understand. This car is also a No range anxiety car!

On average the Soul EV will take you about 90 miles on one charge! #DYK 95% of US drivers’ commute is under 40 miles and the average commute is only 13.6 miles?

• Qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 depending on the state you live in!

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As most of you that know and those that don’t, National Drive Electric Week is an event to heighten awareness of all-electric vehicles. It was great to test drive the Soul EV before but today I’m in New Jersey to raise awareness for this more sustainable and eco-friendly vehicle.

Kia uses an increased range of bio-based materials in order to stay true to the car’s green philosophy.

I got a t shirt for testing the Kia Soul EV today in Binghamton NY.
I got a t shirt for testing the Kia Soul EV today

Here’s are the details and come test drive!!

Here are all the events to date:

Complete list of all Kia Soul EV Events

• National Drive Electric Week Binghamton, NY Sept 10th

• National Drive Electric Week LA, CA Sept. 11th

• Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA Sept. 13

• National Drive Electric Week Bridgewater, NJ Sept. 14

• Alt Car Expo Santa Monica, CA Sept. 16-18

• National Drive Electric Week Ithaca, NY Sept. 17

• EV Week San Francisco, CA Sept. 17-18

Besides this, here is one great thing about this car. Price!

As I wrote in my test drive of the car:

kia soul

There’s a reason this starting at $26,400 all electric car (not including the $7,500 tax credits) is selling. It does exactly what the gas 2015 Soul did (except no sunroof on the EV tested). 

Kia Soul Electric car back seat photos

Charger door for Kia Soul EV

In addition, that’s why recently, Kia’s “hip urban crossover and all-electric zero emissions vehicle, the Soul EV”, was named the Best Eco-Friendly Vehicle at the MotorWeek 34th annual Drivers’ Choice Awards. 

“This post is sponsored by Kia Motors America; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

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