Exclusive EMA interview with Emmy Nominee Constance Zimmer who is Turning Hollywood Green

Tell us how you became a Member of EMA.
I was invited to one of their first events and became so enamored with the people involved and their method to how they were getting the environmental message across, I tried to be at all events they were associated with. I was so excited when Debbie asked me to be a member of the Board; I jumped at the opportunity! But I was very quick to say; I didn’t think I should be a part of the Young Hollywood Board and pitched creating a Parent Board. Having been a new mom at the time, I realized that when you become a parent if you weren’t already conscience of the environmental issues happening all around us, everything becomes heightened to sometimes an almost crazy degree. Having an organization like EMA where people can go and get simple easy to understand guidance is a g-dsend.

What are the origins of the EMA Parent Board? What’s your role on the Board and why do you think it’s important for EMA to focus on parents and families?

I’m the Chair of the Parent Board mostly because Debbie and myself came up with it during a lunch and I felt strongly about getting more parents involved in the organization who may not have been involved already. Like I said above, becoming a parent is scary with so many unknowns and so many people firing information at you whether you ask for it or not. We wanted EMA to be a place you could go to and get information and then decide for yourself what works for you and your family. From small, simple ideas like recycling toys to larger concepts like building a raised garden to help teach your kids about organic farming. I try and be involved as much as possible, which is difficult with my shooting schedules, but Debbie and I are always trying to come up with ideas for families to do together to make the learning fun and easy to comprehend.

The 2016 EMA Awards are just around the corner. What’s your favorite EMA Awards memory?

I selfishly loved the year that Emmanuelle, Perry and myself hosted the Awards! We had so much fun, and I felt like I got to interact with more of the people doing such amazing work by researching their causes and getting to ask A LOT of questions!

Congratulations on a much-deserved Emmy nomination for your role as Quinn King on the show UnREAL. Do you think Quinn is an environmentalist?

Thank you so much, it’s been a pretty exciting time.

Unfortunately, I doubt Quinn is, which makes me sad to think about honestly. Everyone should care about the environment, but sadly I’m pretty sure she does not.

Now that summer is over, the kids are back to school. As a parent, how do you keep the environment and sustainability in mind?

Well, I mean how can you not? With the record heat and the fires and lack of water, we think about it every day! We time our showers; we recycle everything and anything; we buy organic; we are living it every day whether it’s summer or not!

Source: Environmental Media Association