So now I’m considered a beauty blogger. When the heck did that happen folks?!  Like in the movie from Office Space, I didn’t get the memo!

Yet Jared and Alana skincare had me and 25 others recently review skincare. Thanks for the add on. I guess it’s gonna help my moves into other venues but let’s get real! I’m floored just like you probably are!

Yes, I have had some issues with skin just like the next person. Yet when I started a few things it started getting better.

My wife Jessica is a consultant with Rodan and Fields. I’ve seen amazing results with her skin and her friends. If you are interested, please find her on Facebook and message her. Best way out there!!
Now some of its not organic since it’s dermatologic, so I couldn’t add to the story. However it does work for people.

Yet I am with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and want everyone to be on point. If they aren’t they should improve. It only helps the company and the consumer.


Here is what I wrote. 

“While as the Green Living Guy I really don’t use cosmetics or things like that. However, I do use a few brands that help keep my skin clean with heavy duty environmental pollution occurring.

A 100 percent natural bar of soap. Not one you get in a box. Go get the Big natural bars. They work amazing. Keep skin clean and tight with no chemicals inside. Yes soap bars have chemicals!

Natural soap
2. Kos Organic face scrub

Kos organic
3. Aveeno body wash or May Lindstrom products

May Lindstrom
May Lindstrom, Courtesy of Courtney Dailey Photography to ETS Energy Store, LLC
  1. Drink organic green smoothies (nothing better for the skin)
  1. When in doubt frankly I go to my buddy of buddies Tara Mackey who is the owner of Organiclifeblog. We’ve been friends since 2010 and I trust her word! She’s got one book down and about to make another.
Tara Mackey

For the entire story.