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States like California can really learn a lot from Delaware’s simple but effective energy efficiency move this week. It just became the first state to take advantage of up to 70% productivity savings. All to better utilize taxpayer money on energy efficiency programs and also Demand Side Management operations.

With plans in California to consolidate various utility DSM programs. I mean a lot can be learned from Delaware utilizing energyOrbit to move out of “spreadsheet hell” as they said. For they want to move into a cloud-connected solution. Al for the management of its statewide programs on things like energy efficiency rebates and energy audits.

Furthermore, ACEEE estimates that these DSM programs saved about 200 billion kWh. That’s more than 5% of retail electric sales in the United States that year. Especially with some states exceeding 10% of retail electric sales. It already could reach more than 20% by 2020.

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The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). For they will be utilizing the energyOrbit cloud platform.

San Francisco, Calif., February 14, 2017 — In an industry first, the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) is implementing a statewide, unified method for tracking and reporting on its energy efficiency, conservation and renewable initiatives. energyOrbit has been selected to deliver a Statewide Energy Savings Database platform for the DESEU’s Energize Delaware programs, as well as select programs at the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

For these groups will utilize energyOrbit’s cloud-based platform. All to standardize and also streamline data tracking and reporting. Especially for a multitude of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. More notably operating around the state. Especially from low-interest revolving loans for energy efficiency and customer-sited renewables. That’s to solar renewable energy credits. In addition, procurement and home performance audits.


By engaging energyOrbit, the DESEU and DNREC will have the ability to seamlessly send reports. That’s as well as effectively share data and communicate with their industry partners.


In addition, the DESEU is a unique non-profit offering a one-stop resource to help residents and businesses save money through clean energy and efficiency. The SEU was created in 2007 by the State of Delaware to foster a sustainable energy future for the State. Its Energize Delaware energy efficiency and renewable energy programs are focused on helping Delawareans save money. In addition, creating jobs and improving the environment. The DESEU collaborates with a variety of industry partners. For that’s such as the University of Delaware, plus the Delaware Division of Energy and Climate.

By utilizing the energyOrbit platform, the DESEU will be able to capture and organize data and results. That’s from various energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for simplified sharing. More notably collaboration and consistency. Because energyOrbit also allows Energize Delaware program implementers to manage and submit their program performance data through a simple to use, web-based interface.

Especially while achieving our mission of bringing the most cost effective opportunities for energy savings. For it only makes sense that we would employ the most efficient, cost-effective method for implementing, tracking and reporting Delaware’s energy efficiency initiatives,” says Tony DePrima, Executive Director of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility. “By engaging the energyOrbit platform, we are able to better organize, act on and report data, allowing us to continually improve our residents’ quality of life through saving money, creating jobs and improving the environment.”


The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) will also be using the energyOrbit platform to manage their energy efficiency programs and determine emission reduction results. Much like Energize Delaware, they also rely on outside reporting, something energyOrbit will assist in streamlining.

“One of our core missions is to get our clients out of spreadsheet hell and other non-collaborative, static business solutions,” says Udi Merhav, CEO of energyOrbit. “The DESEU and DNREC are working to better improve the lives of Delaware residents, but spending time formatting and organizing data and spreadsheets distracts from that goal.” “We are glad to know that through using energyOrbit, the DESEU and State of Delaware will be able to more efficiently report on data as well as, monitor sustainability and savings goals all at a lower cost per unit of energy saved.”

Source: energyOrbit

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