Regenerative braking is a mechanism that reduces vehicle speed by converting some of its kinetic energy into another useful form of energy. This captured energy is then stored for future use or fed back into a power system for use by other vehicles. It is estimated that on hybrid electric vehicles one can save 10 to 25%.

NYC Taxi Cabs becoming hybrid electric vehicles will use more regenerative braking:

Tesla Motors brakes include regenerative braking
Tesla Motors brakes include regenerative braking

It has been really great to see an increase in the amount of hybrid electric car and particularly cab owners (especially NYC taxi owners).

When you accelerate, you do not need to floor it and then coast. You can slowly step on the accelerator and then take your foot off of the accelerator to coast. When you coast, you use the regenerative braking. It is much smoother and a more efficient use of the vehicle since it is moving forward and charging at the same time. While there are plenty of people that own converted EVs that like to floor it and coast, regeneration can be a very big help in most stop and go driving.


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