Sublime Samana was truly Sublime in the Dominican Republic Green Travel Trip

Tucked away between the lush, green tropical jungle clad hills and fine-sand beaches of the Samaná Peninsula lies Sublime Samana, a modern yet elegant luxury resort and member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
Here, the warm sea breezes and the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the shore transport you to a relaxed state of mind.

Indulge in coconut-inspired treatments at Coconut Whispers Spa. Savor fresh catch-of-the-day specials at the beachside palapa or local garden-to-table Mediterranean cuisine at Bistro.

Stroke your arms under a waterfall, paddle your way through the spirited waves, bask in the sun, witness humpback whales frolicking along the coast, and at the end of the day retreat to a luxurious contemporary suite. 

Source: Sublime Samana
Source: Sublime Samana
Sublime Samana
Source: Sublime Samana

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