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100 Dual Level 2 stations to be installed in 50 locations throughout New York

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 8, 2017 – EV Connect, a leading provider of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions, including development of the industry’s most innovative, robust and open cloud-based software platform for managing the EV charging ecosystem, today announced that it will install and manage approximately 200 EV charging ports in 50 locations throughout New York State funded through an award by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The installations support Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Charge NY program.

A program which is accelerating the growth of the electric vehicle market in New York State through education, research, consumer outreach and financial support for the installation of charging stations across New York.

In addition to installing the charging ports, EV Connect will conduct marketing and outreach programs to local communities and manage an innovative financing component to make installing EV charging stations more economically viable for site owners., EV Connect will also provide management of the charging ecosystem, which includes the charging stations, host locations, electric utility interaction and the driver experience.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) awarded $1.4 million to EV Connect to implement these initiatives. EV Connect will also work with the New York Power Authority and Skyview Ventures on various aspects of the program.

“EV Connect has been a large provider of EV charging stations throughout New York State for many years. All through programs sponsored by NYSERDA and also other entities”, said Jordan Ramer, EV Connect CEO. “This award enables us to continue to greatly expand our presence within the State. In addition, EV Connect’s deep experience in the management of the entire EV ecosystem. For it will continue to provide an efficient, reliable and easy-to-use experience for the communities, utilities and drivers.”

The hardware and software used in this project will be built on an open standards-based architecture. EV Connect is the nation’s largest and most successful provider of an open standards-based platform for EV charging. This NYSERDA award follows the recent California Energy Commission (CEC) grant to EV Connect to complete key routes of the West Coast Electric Highway.

Source: EV Connect, Inc.

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