Paper Is One of The Most Recycled Products in The World

We do use a lot of paper but at least we seem to be moving in the right direction as regards recycling it. In the last 20 years or so, the recovery rate for paper has almost doubled. This is great to see but of course there is still room for improvement. This infographic from Colourfast takes you through the progress we are making but also offers advice on how we can further improve.

Saving paper saves more than trees with one ton of recycled paper incredibly saving 60,000 gallons of water. There are some misconceptions about what can and can’t be recycled. For example, some people believe that you need to remove staples, paper clips etc. before you recycle but remember that modern recycling procedures are generally designed to do this for you. Find out more in the infographic.

Written by greenlivingguy

The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman is a green living expert, celebrity and Editor of the McGraw-Hill, TAB Green Guru Guides. Seth is also an Author, Radio Host, Reporter, Writer and a Environmental Consultant on green living. The Green Living Guy writes about green living, green lighting, the green guru guides and more. Seth's books range from: # Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brant and Seth Leitman (2nd and 3rd editions) # Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman # Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle by Carl Vogel # Green Lighting by Seth Leitman, Brian Clark Howard and Bill Brinsky # Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley # Renewable Energies For Your Home by Russel Gehrke # Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audits by David Findley # Build Your Own Small Wind Power System by Brian Clark Howard and Kevin Shea # and more green living books to follow.

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