Electric IntelligenceConcept Car*

The future of driving, from the people who invented it.

With its new electric concept, Mercedes-Benz marks the next phase in the evolution of the automobile. This car represents not only a new vision for electric vehicles, it establishes an entirely new brand within the Mercedes-Benz portfolio. Electric Intelligence will encompass a range of vehicles and mobility solutions that will transform the way we drive and power our cars.

But first, the vehicle itself: The concept car immediately announces itself as a departure from the commonplace. Its blue lights and gleaming black hood beckon you to drive this sporty SUV coupe into the future. Inside, a floating wide-screen display is as ergonomically functional as it is visually and emotionally seductive. Traditional knobs and switches have been replaced by intuitive touch-screen interfaces. The result is a fluidly comfortable and elegant space, highlighted with rose gold accents and complemented by ambient lighting that adjusts automatically to driver activity.

Once in motion, the Electric Intelligence concept vehicle delivers a new level of performance. Its two electric motors anchor a powerful electric drive system, with an output that can be increased up to 300 kW (402 hp) through scalable battery components. This new generation of electric vehicle will be able to reach 60 mph in less than five seconds and with a range of over 300 miles from a single charge, it´s prepared to take you far from your ordinary drive.

The Electric Intelligence concept vehicle marks the foundation for a sustainable future led by Mercedes-Benz.
Key Highlights

Up to 300-kW electric motor

Expected 0-60 in less than 5 seconds

Range of over 300 miles per charge

Conveniently charge via public charge stations, an at-home wallbox or a wireless induction charger.

DC Fast Charging – Combined Charging System Standard

24-inch TFT high-definition wide-screen display

“Black Panel”˜ front grille with illuminated LED optical fibers and EQ exclusive Light Signature

Adaptive ambience lighting

Car-to-X technology for information exchange with infrastructure and other vehicles

3D real-time map display

Intelligent Driver Assistance

Source: Mercedes Benz