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List includes San Jacinto Waste Pits site in Houston

DALLAS – (Dec. 8, 2017) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the list of Superfund sites that Administrator Pruitt has targeted for immediate and intense attention. For that’s including the San Jacinto Waste Pits site in Houston, Texas. The 21 sites on the list are from across the United States. All are in direct response to the Superfund Task Force Recommendations, issued this summer. Therefore calling for this list is essential.

In developing this initial list, EPA considered sites that will benefit from Administrator Pruitt’s direct engagement and have identifiable actions to protect human health and the environment.

These are sites requiring timely resolution of specific issues to expedite cleanup and redevelopment efforts. The list is also designed to spur action at sites where opportunities exist. All to act quickly and comprehensively. The Administrator will also receive regular updates on each of these sites.

The list is also intended to be dynamic. Sites will also move on and off the list as appropriate. At times, there moreover may be more or fewer sites based on where the Administrator’s attention and focus is most needed. There is no commitment of additional funding associated with a site’s inclusion on the list.

In addition, EPA remains dedicated to addressing risks at all Superfund sites. I mean not just those on the list. The Task Force Recommendations are aimed at expediting cleanup at all Superfund sites and Administrator Pruitt has set the expectation.  Especially that there will be a renewed focus. All on accelerating work and progress at all Superfund sites across the country.

The Task Force, whose work is ongoing, has five overarching goals:

  1. Expediting cleanup and remediation;
  2. Reinvigorating cleanup and reuse efforts by potentially responsible parties;
  3. Encouraging private investment to facilitate cleanup and reuse;
  4. Promoting redevelopment and community revitalization; and
  5. Engaging with partners and stakeholders.

The Task Force will also provide the public with regular updates. Especially as it makes progress. All on the Administrator’s Emphasis list and other Task Force activities.

So the EPA added the San Jacinto Waste Pits site to the National Priorities List of Superfund sites in 2008. Especially after testing revealed contamination from dioxins and furans near the waste pits. The Superfund site also consists of two sets of impoundments or pits.

For that’s built in the mid-1960s. All for disposing solid and liquid pulp and paper mill wastes. Especially those that are contaminated with polychlorinated dibenzo‑p‑dioxins (dioxins). Finally and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (furans).

In addition, the EPA is lead agency. All for addressing the site. Moreover and ensuring that the potentially responsible party cleans up the contamination. All with support from several state partners. Finally and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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