Remove yourself from daily stress and recharge your life in a Vistabule teardrop trailer with roof-integrated solar energy. Now you can find peace way off the grid and still have a piece of home. Lights? Fan? Phone? Computer? Camera? Refrigerator? Heater? Not to mention the snuggly bed and a full-kitchen.

The design of the Vistabule Teardrop trailer harkens back to the 1950’s, but the amenities are oh, so new – starting with built-in solar panels by Sunflare.

Outdoor adventurists can have flexible solar panels built into the roof, capturing solar energy throughout the day. That makes it easier to power your stuff, so once you are ready to lift your kicks as evening falls, all you have to do is open the wine.

The optional, customized panels are flexible and bend with the curve of the trailer’s roof to keep the Vistabule’s beautiful design line highly refined.

Unlike traditional silicon panels, Sunflare’s solar panels are thin and lightweight, adding no drag and virtually no poundage to the trailer. So “going solar” won’t slow you down.

The other amenities also leave the 50’s in the dust. Vistabule features several large windows, a full-size sofa bed, interior and exterior lights, a two-burner cooktop, a sink with running water and a remote fan, as well as storage space for all your gear.

The camper even has a collapsible coffee table and drop-down nightstand tables. The trailer itself is light and can be towed by almost any car.

“We’ve worked with Minnesota Teardrop to make it easy to factory-install the SUN2 panels on your spanking new trailer or have them retrofitted to your current gem,” said Philip Gao, CEO of Sunflare. “We want to be flexible.”

Just like the panels.

Bert Taylor CEO Minnesota Teardrop Trailers, manufacturer of the Vistabule said, “When we first started our business, we wanted to make a camping trailer that was beautiful, energy-efficient and would easily blend technology with human comfort. Adding Sunflare solar collection panels to our Vistabule trailers substantially lengthens the time campers can be off the grid, and greatly enhances the entire camping experience.”

About the Sunflare Integrated Solar:

Sunflare SUN2  solar panels can charge 2 cells phones fully, run the lights, a fan, charge a computer to 30 percent, run the fridge, all day, AND the heater for 3 hours a day, for 2 1/2 sunny days straight. After that, you probably want to pick up and drive somewhere to recharge your battery, and find another beautiful vista, a new point of view, or an off-the-beaten path fishing hole.

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  1. And what happens to the excess power after the batteries,are charged?
    What type of battery does it use?

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