SILVER SPRING, APRIL 20, 2018— Trees for the Future (TREES) and Ecosia join forces. They are gonna plant trees to combat climate change. This will revitalize degraded lands and improve livelihoods. TREES fully supports Ecosia in its ambitious journey. I mean to plant one billion trees by 2020!! Ecosia has committed to fund a new Forest Garden site in the Kaffrine region of Senegal. Both will plant 1.2 Million trees over a 46 month period. An estimated 300 farming families will benefit from this project.

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Source: Trees for the Future

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Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. They committed to donating at least 80 percent of its sponsored links income to tree planting projects around the world.

It is Ecosia’s mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2020. That’s not a new mission to Be en Vogue. This is their mission since Day one of company launch!! I mean firstly, love this comment below came from Ecosia’s first story to Green Living Guy..

Search engine is literally growing by the minute — with the upward trend helping it plant more than 10,000 trees every week. 

They added in that story:

“The green search engine Ecosia is now planting one new tree every 60 seconds, a growth rate it says could spell the end of deforestation.

The German search engine, which donates 80 percent of its advertising revenue to a tree planting program in Brazil, has planted more than 100,000 trees in the past 10 weeks.”

They look to support poor agricultural communities by planting a trees. Trees have superpowers. They are tremendously helpful to create new value to farmers and communities.  There, in the ground and helping clean the air, trees can prevent erosion, create a stable microclimate for other crops, restore the water systems or give new means of income.