Clean Energy Collective is now accepting reservations for its residential RooflessSolar program. This in Orange & Rockland, Central Hudson territories.

WORCESTER, Mass., April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is North America’s leading community solar developer and solutions provider. It’s accepting reservations in New York for its popular RooflessSolar program.

It seems that it’s One of the most highly sought-after programs in the state. Hence, RooflessSolar provides qualified Orange & Rockland and Central Hudson residential electricity customers guaranteed, risk-free savings. This is with no upfront cost or recurring fees. It’s including the proven local economic and environmental benefits. Here are the Benefits of community-shared solar delivers.

New Community Solar Program Delivers Guaranteed Savings to New York Electricity Customers
CEC’s RooflessSolar program is active in 15 states. It enables anyone with an electric bill to participate. This particularly helps homeowners lacking a suitable roof. As well, it helps those who rent and or live in a multi-unit building. It’s thereby a way to lower their monthly electric bill. It also protects against rising electricity costs and helps reduce CO2 emissions. It’s also to lower the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. Participants earn a guaranteed savings of $0.01 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy. Yup, regardless of whether they are working with an alternative energy provider. For the typical household, this means saving about $100 each year. Also it’s about one-month’s utility bill every year. That’s guaranteed for the life of the program.

Qualifying residential electricity customers for the Clean Energy Collective are in Orange & Rockland and Central Hudson service areas can enroll in a RooflessSolar plan. Customized to their electricity use, through CEC’s easy e-commerce portal ( Participants can also view their energy production, energy credits, and environmental offsets in real-time. That’s all through a dedicated online app at

In conclusion, New York opened the door to community shared solar. It’s all part of its Reforming the Energy Vision. The initiative is to build a cleaner, more resilient and more affordable energy infrastructure. CEC’s New York portfolio includes 22 medium-scale, hence strategically sited solar facilities that built with leading-edge technology. More important they are professionally maintained. Therefore, it’s to make sure largest production and consumer benefit. Finally, Host communities benefit. They benefit through a significant construction investment. Benefits include Investments into high-value jobs. It also adds, lease payments to land owners. In addition, expect local tax revenues, and developer-funded utility system upgrades.

Most importantly, CEC is accepting reservations for its N.Y. RooflessSolar program at

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