New coordinated effort aims to force Scott Pruitt, the embattled EPA administrator under multiple investigations, from office

(Washington D.C.) — Green For All issued a statement on the launch of Boot Pruitt: a coordinated effort to force the dirty dealing and unethical Scott Pruitt from his role as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“When Trump wanted to slash EPA funding by 31 percent last year, Green For All launched the Moms Mobilize campaign to say ‘not on our watch.’ Now that we’ve secured funding for EPA in the 2018 budget, we’re going to fight hard to ensure it goes toward the things it is supposed to: cleaning up pollution and protecting public health. This won’t be possible with Pruitt it charge,” said Michelle Romero, deputy director of Green For All, a climate justice initiative of the Dream Corps.

“Pruitt’s job is literally to protect the environment and he’s failing at that miserably. He’s spending all this money on luxury travel, on secret phone booths and a number of other things that are the antithesis of making sure he’s focusing on what his job needs to be, which is protecting the people of the United States,” said Vien Truong, CEO of the Dream Corps, a social justice accelerator founded by Van Jones.

To join the campaign to Boot Pruitt visit us online at

Source: Green For All is a climate and economic justice organization working at the intersection of poverty and pollution to create an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Green For All is an initiative of The Dream Corps, a social justice accelerator for transformative campaigns, ideas and innovations.

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