Amazing Interior views of Tesla Semi plus it’s Safe!!

Now you might think the Tesla Motors semi it was just a truck or a hauler. Ha. This Tesla Semi is like a spaceship inside.

Just look inside this thing!!


As Tesla reports:

Unlike other trucks, the Semi’s cabin is designed specifically around the driver, featuring unobstructed stairs for easier entry and exit, full standing room inside, and a centered driver position for optimal visibility.


Two touchscreen displays positioned symmetrically on both sides of the driver provide easy access to navigation, blind spot monitoring and electronic data logging. Built-in connectivity integrates directly with a fleet’s management system to support routing and scheduling, and remote monitoring. Diesel trucks today currently require several third party devices for similar functionality.


Ok I just call this that Spaceship. Look at the two computers on either side of the windows and the way the seats are set up over everything but designed different than inside a usual truck. I mean amazing. Just amazing.

Then on top of it all its safe!!

According to Tesla:

The Tesla Semi’s all-electric architecture is designed to have a higher safety standard than any other heavy-duty truck on the market, with a reinforced battery that shields the Semi from impact and gives it an exceptionally low center of gravity. Its windshield is made of impact resistant glass. Jackknifing is prevented due to the Semi’s onboard sensors that detect instability and react with positive or negative torque to each wheel while independently actuating all brakes.


The surround cameras aid object detection and minimize blind spots, automatically alerting the driver to safety hazards and obstacles. With Enhanced Autopilot, the Tesla Semi features Automatic Emergency Braking, Automatic Lane Keeping, Lane Departure Warning, and event recording.

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