Test Drive Results 2015 BMW 328d Hatchback

Back in 2015 when I did this test drive, I’d never drive a BMW before today; except for my dad’s old BMW X5 so an efficient BMW 328d was a treat. Adding to BMW’s fleet of cars, the 328d (for diesel) xDrive Sports Wagon is sporty by nature and includes great eco-friendly features for the greener of crowds. With regenerative braking like a hybrid electric car, the 328d xDrive Sports Wagon generator produces electricity when the driver brakes or takes a foot off the accelerator. Kinetic energy is also used to recharge the battery thereby adding more fuel efficiency and not using fuel (since BMW vehicles now use the Mini drive system which includes a mild hybrid battery pack).

This puppy was also an M class.  Had to learn what that meant so I went to an old story from USA Today that cleared it up for me  They wrote:

Bmw 328d dial for the console

On the 3, M Sport is a suspension that’s lowered about 0.4 of an inch (10 millimeters) and tires that are wider than on the standard 3. Plus, the M Sport tires are different sizes, front and rear. (No more four-tire rotations, and the cost of replacement tires will be higher.)

You also get sport seats and trim that alters the look and the airflow around the front and sides. Not egregious tack-on stuff, but perhaps showier than some might prefer.

Autoweek commented:

“For an entertaining and efficient daily sled, the automatic-equipped 328d is far from shabby. Maybe you idle through traffic a lot and it is nice to just get into an automatic vehicle after a crummy day in the office.”

As well. Here’s my old YouTube video from it in the deep winter. Having 280 lb-ft of torque is grin-inducing, and the EPA high fuel economy rating of 45 mpg is real impressive considering there are no electric motors and odd-feeling brake pedals here at work to help bump up fuel economy.

Bmw 328d passenger side

As the NY Daily News added:

The handling is very informative, accurate, and, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel the need to start dialing in sport settings to get the best out of a luxury car. There is a button on the center console that programs the engine power and the transmission’s shift characteristics from fuel-friendly “Eco Pro” mode, to punchier performance-tuned settings.


BMW states that Eco Pro can deliver approximately 20-percent gains in overall economy. During long hours behind the wheel, I can vouch the 328d met – and often exceeded – that 45-mpg highway estimate. In town or on winding roads, however, the extra punch of the Sport settings is more entertaining. The official zero to 60 mph is 7.4 seconds, and that sounds accurate based on seat-of-the-pants guesstimates.

Motortrend.com added:

Vehicle Summary

Bmw 328d

The 2015 BMW 3 Series is a popular luxury car sold in sedan, four-door hatch, and wagon body styles and is available in rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. Hatchbacks — called the 3 Series Gran Turismo — and wagons come standard with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system while the high-performance M3 is only available as a sedan. Diesel-powered variants are also available in the sedan and wagon body styles while a hybrid powertrain is exclusive to the former. A 3 Series-based coupe, convertible, and coupe-like four-door hatchback are sold in the 4 Series lineup

As Cars.com Said:

The Good of the BMW 328d

Robust turbo-four gas engine

Smooth inline-six power


Strong brakes

Sedan’s trunk room

The Bad of the BMW 328d

Spring-back turn signal and transmission levers

Leather and power seats optional

Many luxury features cost extra

Hybrid’s battery pack reduces trunk space

Hybrid’s expensive starting price

Plus I dug the cool new shifter that they indicated would be used in the BMW i8 Plugin hybrid Electric sportscar. Guess we shall see!

Bmw 328d test Drive listening to acdc

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