Firstly, five North American solutions are shortlisted in a global competition.

That competition is called Cities For Our Future Competition.

It’s run by RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). Here we ask young people to propose solutions to the most urgent problems. You know the ones that are affecting global cities. It seems that they received more than 1,200 entries globally. Most noteworthy, more than over 50 came from North America. The overall winner will receive a prize of $65,000.

The aim with the Cities for our Future Competition is to harness the ideas of our diverse and talented young people. Most importantly, the goal is to help solve the challenges of the cities they care about. As well, to make them better for generations to come. We hope that the leaders of the world’s cities are listening!! That they will work with the Cities for our Future competition.

Then and most importantly, all of their shortlisted entries to make these ideas become a reality. Then these ideas and people can help tackle some of the most pressing issues facing their cities. That quote came from Sean Tompkins, RICS Global CEO.

First off, with three million people moving to cities every week, we have to talk.

I mean urban population growth is one of the biggest challenges facing society today. Many urbanites live in poor-quality housing. That includes poor air quality and as well inadequate transport links.

The Cities for our Future competition, run by RICS. RICS does that in partnership with the United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO. Finally with the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

The five shortlisted submissions are:

  1. floating affordable houses for New York City to take advantage of the city’s long coastline and give public space and urban vegetable gardens
  2. a regeneration plan to turn Coney Island into a canal city to prevent flooding, revitalize the local economy and attract tourism
  3. smart, off-grid vertical and self-sustaining suburbs with include vertical farming, flood proof main floors and flexible live/work spaces
  4. gathering heat waste from data centers for district heating systems
  5. harnessing the polar front jet stream’s 110 mph wind speeds above Toronto for green energy.

Wind power, smart cities for our future competition, offshore wind power

Cassandra Francis of Lambda Alpha International, Head Judge of the regional judging panel for North America said the following comments. They are impressed by the creative ideas that young people. Ideas for the Cities for our Future competition have devised to help solve the problems facing cities in North America. Hence, they want ideas developed. Ideas moved further and implanted. So therefore all of the shortlisted ideas could have a real impact on people’s lives. Also, that each of the entries on the North America shortlist would be a worthy global winner.

In conclusion, the North American winner is announced in July and will go on to the global shortlist. Those on the list where work with an expert mentor, provided by RICS. Then they help develop the idea before the last judging in November.


RICS, TORONTO, June 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/

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