Poland Takes Steps to Decrease CO2 Pollution: New Gralewo Photovoltaic Plant Saves 2,5 tonnes of CO2 daily

First stage of large-scale solar project by Sun Investment Group is up and running in Gralewo, Poland. It will provide with amount of solar energy per day that equals 6 hours of daily TV for over 27 years.

July 25, 2018 – Warsaw, Poland. Poland, the most polluted EU country due to its dependency on coal energy, has just opened a new photovoltaic plant in the village of Gralewo, in northern Poland.

The solar power plant in Gralewo is the first of 43 similar facilities that are to be constructed by the end of Q2 of 2019 by Sun Investment Group, a Lithuanian investment management and development company in partnership with energy group E-Energija and solar photovoltaic construction company I+D Energias.

Also, the solar energy produced in the new photovoltaic plant in Gralewo delivers energy to the national energy system daily. It actively is contributing to improving air quality in Poland. As well, the panels will cover 2.1826 hectares of land in Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship. Its peak power of 998,47 MW are expected to provide annual energy output at the level of 1040 MWh.  Therefore, it will save 920 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The whole project portfolio, with its cumulative power of 42,36 MW.  This will about account for 15% of the country’s total solar market. It will become an important part of Poland’s commitment of increasing its renewable energy production.  Thereby contributing to the vital part of national energy security system. Poland has a goal to meet the EU greenhouse gas emission targets by 2020.  As well, when 20% of energy will have to come from renewable sources. In addition, solar energy plant expansion will help local Polish municipalities to modernize their image.

The construction of photovoltaic installations is a financial benefit for land owners.  Especially on whose properties they built. It is also beneficial for municipalities.  That came from Deividas Varabauskas. Deividas is CEO and Managing Partner of Sun Investment Group. The Gralewo plant has expected production of over 1000 MWh.  It will save almost 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In conclusion, the newly constructed plant is in Gralewo, Płośnica commune.  Furthermore, that’s in Działdowo county. Sun Investment Group decided to use 3,696 pieces of Jinko solar modules.  In addition, inverters are from Sungrow.  Finally, and more noteworthy, the transformer station produced by ELQ S.A. As well, the Construction of the plant took 4 weeks. Most noteworthy, the farm, connected to the electricity grid operated by Energa, is a part of Polish national energy system providing it with ca. 3 MWh of electricity every day. It is the amount of energy that an average Polish household would use over a period of 1.5 years or would equate to streaming of 6 hours of TV a day for over 27 years.