FedEx Nissan Together Testing Electric Nissan NV200 to New Global Markets

First off, Nissan unveiled the all-new 100% electric Panel Van version e-NV200 Concept in September 2012. As we know, electric vehicles are ideal for urban delivery applications. Also, this vehicle is envisaged for use as a delivery van that offers a breakthrough type of mobility for entrepreneurs. Thereby featuring efficiency and green consciousness.
Nissan has worked with FedEx Express since December 2011. They have been testing the e-NV200 in real world operations. Amazingly all to help shape development of the 100% electric compact delivery vehicle. FedEx Express now operates 130 all-electric vehicles worldwide. This is clearly making the company an ideal collaborator. Collaborating for research and development initiatives.

Nissan unveiled the all-new 100% electric Panel Van version e-NV200 Concept. They decorated it with Nissan and FedEx graphics and logos. All at the 64th IAA Commercial Vehicle International Motor Show in Hanover.

Cause FedEx Express seems committed to improving the environmental impact of its global vehicle fleet. The FedEx Express fleet is managed through a holistic approach. One to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. So the company has already achieved more than 80% of its goal. One to increase the fuel efficiency of its global vehicle fleet 20% by 2020.

This collaborative initiative with Nissan will aid FedEx. Cause with developing best practices for managing its electric vehicle fleet in urban environments. This is all while supporting the development of creative technologies for overall industry improvement. Improvements in both efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Nissan and FedEx Express engineers started working together in December 2011.

They did co-testing the e-NV200 prototype on the streets of London, UK. The test expanded to Yokohama, Japan. Therefore to get more real-world driving feedback.

Combining the best elements of two multi-award winning vehicles. The one two combo of the Nissan LEAF and Nissan NV200. Also past World Cars of the Year. As well International Van of the Year respectively. Wow is e-NV200 ready to change the face of light commercial vehicles forever.

The e-NV200’s high performance pure electric drivetrain. Wowser, based on that used in the acclaimed Nissan LEAF. It is allied to the class-leading cargo volume of the NV200. This is all to create a practical and versatile electric vehicle.

Most noteworthy, this underlining Nissan’s leadership in the EV segment. The e-NV200 combines the advanced powertrain of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF. That’s with all the spaciousness, versatility, and practicality of the base vehicle-the NV200 multi-purpose compact van.

Now Upgraded van production in Nissan Barcelona plant to meet record orders.
This newer Zero emission van offers more than 60% extra range than before. All without any compromising on cargo capacity.

Also reported on May 22, 2018, the e-NV200 is made in Barcelona. Yup! Nissan’s upgraded e-NV200 is now being shipped to customers. That’s with demand at record levels for the 100% electric van.

It’s built for global markets in Nissan Barcelona plant. So this upgraded model goes further than ever on a single charge. Can you say all thanks to a new 40kWh battery. Therefore they are combining the features of the award-winning Nissan NV200 van. All while remaining the world’s best-selling all-electric vehicle in history, the Nissan LEAF.

Also, deliveries to customers have now begun. So That’s with more than 4,600 orders taken since sales began in January. This reflects the record demand Nissan is also experiencing for the new Nissan LEAF.

The e-NV200 provides exceptionally smooth acceleration and quietness. That’s driving characteristics unique to electric vehicles. Additionally, the model will be unique also offering quick charging and a creative power outlet. That enables the driver to plug-in any electric device and work anywhere. Then combined with class-leading cargo volume in a compact body. Heck, that will help the e-NV200 strive to reach its goal to become the industry benchmark. Additionally, the model’s enviable running costs. Nissan knows that’s a priority for many companies. To offer extra energy cost savings compared to fuel cost and lower maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Don’t forget folks. zero emissions, no tailpipe, and energy-recycling regenerative braking. So the e-NV200 will be particularly well-suited for urban environments. Furthermore, regenerative braking affords the advantage of reclaiming energy in the start and stop of city traffic. Therefore it’s reducing the wasteful loss of energy and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle’s driveline. Battery charging options include a complete recharge overnight or up to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes using a Quick Charger.

Nissan aims to be the leader in zero emissions vehicles. In addition to carrying out the development of electric vehicles. Nissan is engaging in comprehensive efforts to expand the use of electric vehicles. As well and more important promote sustainable mobility.

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