Green Buildings Saving Energy Costs; something Environmentalists PLUS Fiscal Conservatives Love!

Now with the GOP press debates that have occurred over the past several weeks on that impasse. Oy. I for see a lot of discussion on walls. What happened to infrastructure or like green data centers for the government to save energy?! Now what about a green data center in Illinois? Besides that, I also feel as if education in changing so quickly because of technology and it very much a trending topic.

Especially with school starting back up for my son in college too. Therefore, I wanted to offer you a guest post of some fresh, free content! Cause I was thinking about writing about this idea. Also and even more precise about the career education corporation. In addition and how they won just won the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Award from the U.S. Green Building Council (USBC).

Also the award granting for the company’s renovation of an eleven story data center in Illinois. This is according to the council’s best practices for sustainable design. Therefore the company is part of a growing trend toward green campuses. Especially like the Vice President of Career Education Corporation (CEC). It’s a publicly traded corporation with ninety campuses internationally pointed out. Also it’s not only important to prove commitment to environmental stewardship. However and to project that these energy-conservation measures. Ones that will result in meaningful long-term savings for the organization.

shanghai towers went with green materials and LEED

The award granting for the company’s renovation of an eleven story data center in Illinois according to the council’s best practices for sustainable design.  The company brands its continuing education schools as American InterContinental University; Brooks Institute; Colorado Technical University; Harrington College of Design; INSEEC Group Schools; International University of Monaco; International Academy of Design & Technology; Instituto Marangoni; and Le Cordon Bleu North America.

The company is part of a growing trend toward green campuses.  The U.S. Department of Education announced earlier this year a Green Ribbon program to promote sustainable campuses, and Princeton Review recently teamed up with the USGBC to report on green campuses.  The award to CEC is significant in that it represents a private for-profit educational company that focuses on adult career education, indicating that green concerns have financial implications.  “Transforming an older structure into a LEED certified building comes with many challenges, but it’s something we felt strongly about doing as an organization. Many of our employees have expressed how pleased they are to be working in a ‘green’ building,” said Steve Miller, Vice President of Real Estate for CEC.

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