People flying into India’s southern city of Cochin will see many solar panels. Solar panels around the Cochin International Airport. However the airport is the first in the world to be fully powered by solar energy.

A sea of shiny solar panels stretches across land running next to the airport’s main road. Many more panels sit on top of a massive parking structure. All are capturing valuable sunlight that is changing to energy to power all airport operations. So then as the airport wants, people flying into India’s southern airport will see those panels.

people flying into india's southern

The project commencing occurred when airport officials were looking for new ways to cut ever-increasing electricity bills. Also they wanted people flying into India’s southern airport to see the panels.

The airport’s director, V.J. Kurian, says they came up with the solar idea and decided to begin with a small experiment.

They put solar panels on the rooftop of Terminal One. When they observed it for a year they loved it. Then we found it is quite good and can be safely scaled up. That’s what Kurian told VOA.

This success proving itself. The further expansion of solar operations at the airport.

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