Look energy costs are going to rise and rise quickly. So energy efficiency for data centers is crucial.

So now they have teams of people at companies running around to figure out that energy savings equals dollars.

Along with driving up complexity, extra hardware increases energy consumption and lowers the total gains.

A software alternative can be Holistic energy management.

Energy management software can play a key role in curbing energy costs. Thereby programmatically collecting and aggregating the real-time temperature and power consumption behaviors. All from data centers server locations.

Data center are great places for energy efficiency

Since servers consume most of the energy in the data center. As a result, they use 60 percent of their maximum power even while idle. Similarly gaining visibility of the server operating characteristics is an important step. A step for improving overall efficiency in the data center. Modern servers provide real-time status information, and this data can be collected over existing infrastructure by agentless, centralized energy monitoring software.

For the remainder of the story from GreenTech Media that gave me the interest to write this story.

Data center promoting energy efficiency for energy savings