March 12, 2019

Energy efficiency programs, clean energy and environmental regulations could take deep cuts. Only if President Trump’s proposed budget gets everything what he wants. Although it’s politically likely that he will not.

First of all, the administration’s fiscal 2020 budget would trim the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office by $1.6 billion. Another way of looking at it is 70 percent of the fiscal 2019 appropriation. Overall, the DOE requested a $31.7 billion budget, an 11-percent decrease.

So as well, the Environmental Protection Agency budget request totaled $6.1 billion, a 31-percent cut from the nearly $9 billion allocated for fiscal 2019, according to reports.

The budget request also focuses on moving America forward by investing in transformational science, innovation, and technology.

The Department of Energy’s National Labs are the crown jewels of America’s innovation and this funding will continue to support their work from Artificial Intelligence to renewables, clean coal and Advanced Nuclear technology.

So this budget proposal also funds the modernization of our nuclear stockpile. In conclusion and most noteworthy, the aging infrastructure that supports it. It therefore ensures a safe and effective system for our nuclear Navy for years to come.

Source: Renewable Energy World

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