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By Siddiq Khan, Senior Researcher

Toyota, an industry leader in hybrid technology for two decades, is the only major automaker to lose ground on fuel economy in recent years. And with the Trump administration poised to roll back fuel efficiency standards, Toyota may face less pressure to pick up its pace.

So Toyota previously posted one of the industry’s best miles per gallon (mpg) averages for its fleet. It benefitted from selling more than 10 million hybrids worldwide. That’s since launching its signature Prius in 1997. Today’s most fuel-efficient Prius gets 56 mpg.

Toyota Prius C fuel economy and MPG are great but trucks mpg have hurt them!

However and still, with robust truck sales, Toyota’s fleet mpg actually decreased from 2012-2017.

That’s according to the US Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Automotive Trends Report. In contrast, prodded by stricter US fuel economy standards for 2012-2016 vehicles. Furthermore, it reported on the other 12 foreign and domestic manufacturers. Plus their fleet mpg averages during the same five-year period.

Finally and The result: Cuts in carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change and the resulting harm to human health!

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