Consurfvation Clothing goes Sexy Hip to Protect Our Oceans

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Consurfvation Clothing is an eco-friendly conceived in 2011 to help bring awareness to what we believe is our most precious resource on the planet, OUR OCEANS.
Made from recycled plastic water bottles
Yet their marketing and designs are hip, sexy and makes you want to just go buy their clothes.

sexy ad for Consurfation clothing from recycled plastic water bottles

Robert Lipton, Founder of Consurfvation commented on his marketing approach: “In doing this, we wanted to create what we feel is a fun, hip and most of all eco-friendly way to show your love for the ocean. Our recycled apparel is more than just t-shirts! Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles!”

Using Reprieve fabric made from 100% (PET) recycled plastic water bottles. These bottles would most likely end up in our landfills or oceans!

surf Consurfation ad

Lipton adds:

“Consurfvation believes that every effort, no matter how big or small is a difference. We have aligned ourselves with 4 major ocean awareness organizations that are doing such great work bringing awareness and keeping our oceans clean for future generation to come . Always remember, Don’t Trash Where You Splash!”

consideration clothing uses recycled plastic bottles

Their organizations supporting and supported by:

After seeing these ads you just want to Help Protect the Surf! Then when you see the organizations your money goes toward when buying this clothing makes it all make sense.

Global warming has caused the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere to increase by 1 degree Fahrenheit in recent years. Ouch.”

The chic collection is made from materials that would otherwise have gone to waste, every tee is now made entirely from recycled PET bottles. Therefore diverting waste from landfill and avoiding the extraction and processing of raw materials. The brand also employs a revolutionary non-water and non-toxic printing process that is hypoallergenic and kind to the environment.

So Saving our resources can’t just be a movement, it needs to be a way of life. We’ve heard so many people say they want to be green aware, but that it can be very expensive.

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