Harper Wilde for Earth Day wants to Recycle Your Bra!

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Celebrating Earth Day, the female-founded and socially responsible bra brand, Harper Wilde is launching the TOUGH AS A MOTHER bra while pledging to help recycle 5,000 bras. The limited-edition sky-blue bra with green embroidery and earth patch, will launch on Monday, April 15th and will retail for $50.

This bra serves as a subtle reminder each day to respect one of our greatest elders, Mother Earth. 

Ninety-five percent of textiles, even if they worn out or torn, can be recycled – yet only 15 percent get donated/recycled, with 85 percent of used textiles ending up in landfills.

Therefore and to reduce this waste, Harper Wilde recently partnered with For Days. 

They partnered on a recycling initiative to help keep worn out and no longer wearable bras from landfills. To date, nearly 2,000 bras donated to this recycling program.  Seeing how excited women were about this new program inspired Co-Founders, Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher. They want to encourage more women to recycle their bras and reach a collective goal of recycling 5,000 this Spring.

In conclusion and to reach this goal, Jenna and Jane are asking all women to share their wild recycling experience. Yes share in on social media. As well as use the hashtag #RecycleBra.

So let everyone know how easy it is to responsibly dispose of used bras. Finally and more importantly help them reach 5,000 bras recycled.

In conclusion, the blue bra will be available while supplies last at HarperWilde.com for $50.