Kruger National Park with Singita Lebombo Lodge Switches to Solar Powered Lighting

Ever progressing Singita Lebombo Lodge has once again taken a leap forward conserving the March Solar Power Switch at the Lembombo and Sweni Lodges in Singita Kruger National Park.
Singita Lebombo Lodge

Solar provider, New Southern Energy, has designed a bespoke solar park to use the available sun energy and generate enough renewable power to give the luxury safari lodge with 52% of its energy requirements and significantly cut the site’s environmental impact.

To date, Singita Lebombo Lodge and Sweni Lodge have been dependent on diesel-powered generators. Yes that’s due to the national grid not extending to the N’wanetsi concession.


So Singita Lebombo Lodge, has an environmentally conscious hospitality company, continually aims to cut its carbon emissions and run with a sustainable ethos in mind that supports the local community and its surroundings. After a two-year design project, New Southern Energy is completing installing two solar parks that will cut Singita’s current diesel consumption by close to 80,000 gallons.

These two solar power parks installing to power the main lodges and the staff village. The solar parks, made from 1,500 solar panels. All which have a combined area of two square miles and will produce 636,000 kilowatt-hours of power per annum. The farms have been carefully positioned so as not to harm any protected trees in the local area. Also and are fully game-proof with solar-powered electric fencing.


Therefore, these solar-powered lodges, Lebombo and Sweni located in the heights of the Lebombo Mountains. That’s along the far eastern reaches of the Kruger National Park. Singita Lebombo Lodge accommodating up to 30 guests in just 15 rooms.

In addition, Singita Sweni Lodge accommodating up to 12 guests in 6 rooms. As well, guests have the option to sleep under the stars. Also on their own private decks with the suites on the sides. Sides of gentle cliffs and banks of the river. Singita Lebombo Lodge built on stilts. Therefore creating the feeling of an eagle’s nest in the bush. Likewise, it is also in keeping with Singita’s principle. A principle of leaving no footmark on nature. Singita Sweni Lodge is built a similar way along the banks of the majestic Sweni River. Both designs are highly contemporary and Singita Lebombo Lodge includes one of the most iconic swimming pools in Africa. The lodges situated in an exclusive game-rich 33,000 acre. With concession on the border with Mozambique. Boasting the highest concentration of wildlife in the entire park, including the Big 5. So the area is also known for its regal Mountain Pride of lions and unique Euphorbia trees.


Singita, Africa’s most inspiring safari specialist, run 12 unique lodges and camps in five regions across three countries – South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Most noteworthy, Singita is the trusted guardian of over half a million acres of pristine land in Africa. It also is responsible for successful community development projects, making a tangible difference in the lives of the people living and working in and around its lodges. Its key aim is to protect and keep the incredible African wildlife and the habitat, thinking long-term about how to work with local communities to ensure the best safari experience can continue for decades to come.

At Singita Grumeti in Tanzania, Singita is working in close partnership with ‘One Planet’. All to develop a challenging sustainability action plan. One with the aim to set a new standard of sustainable tourism and conservation. Finally for all of this in Africa by 2020.

Ever progressing Singita Lebombo Lodge has once again taken a leap forward conserving the March Solar Power Switch at the Lembombo and Sweni Lodges in Singita Kruger National Park.

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