When it comes to fresh food availability in the urban areas of cities nationally, creative collaboration must be done to address these food deserts.

The University of District Columbia (UDC) is engaged in a program that could be a model for the rest of the nation.

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A few points:

1. UDC’s urban food hubs provide food security. Security to food desert regions of the District.

2. In addition, UDC’s urban food hubs utilize patented hydroponics and aquaponics technology. Tech from Thomas Kakovitch, an Emeritus Professor of the University of the District of Columbia. Thomas holds 26 patents.

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3. Furthermore, UDC’s urban food hubs also provide employment opportunities for District residents. Opportunities in urban agriculture and green infrastructure industries.

4. In conclusion, UDC’s urban food hubs help teach District residents. Teach them how to launch their own food businesses.

5. Finally, UDC’s urban food hubs work to close the loop on waste and water recovery. Thereby  creating a sustainable, circular economy.