While shopping for the latest electronics device, you can make sure it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Meaning make sure it’s recycling gets done on the back end. That means don’t forget what’s inside. Besides the energy (and dollar) savings and the environment.

Properly recycling electronics they are old and unwanted units. Also, make sure they don’t wind up in the landfill. More importantly you don’t want leaking acid pits halfway around the world. All where the precious metals inside them are recovered.

So when buying a desktop, laptop computer, tablet, or printer make sure it’s
Energy efficient to start. But don’t stop there!!

Because, it also should contain fewer toxic materials. Also designed to be easily disassembled for recycling.

So please buy a model that meets EPEAT’s criteria and is on their list of registered products.

What to do with the old stuff?

EPA says about 2 million tons of electronic gadgets are discarded each year. However less than 20 percent are recycled. Fortunately, there are great and easy options to do better.

a) Reuse/Resell– It takes a lot of energy to make a new device so it’s often better to keep old functioning consumer electronics in use, especially when it comes to smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Give them to family or friends, or take advantage of small electronics buyback programs like ecoATM or such retailers as Radio Shack and Walmart.com and a slew of websites.

b) Recycle – If the old device no longer works or is an energy hog like the older plasma TVs, get it out of circulation. Take it to a certified e-Steward recycler or like ecoATM to make sure your e-waste is properly recycled. Best Buy, for example, will accept your waste electronics, including TVs, at all their stores – free and regardless of where they were purchased – and only uses e-Steward recyclers. Kudos for this continuing leadership. Staples has a similar program, but doesn’t accept TVs. Beware many of the E-waste drop-off fundraisers at your local school, as the equipment is not always taken to a reputable recycling facility, so be sure to ask.

Also I thought you would like a visual on how to clear out the old electronics in your house by recycling them.

Did you know that copper, silver, palladium and even gold can be salvaged from old electronics? To help your readers properly recycle their devices, we have a guide that includes three methods of recycling and tips on what to do before safely disposing of them.

Recycle electronics and get cash

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