I am opposed to National Grid’s proposed fracked gas pipeline in the Capital District dubbed as “E37 Reliability and Resiliency Project”. National Grid (NG) did not consider alternatives to using a pipeline to transport their gas, and they have not demonstrated a sufficient need for gas.

Non pipeline alternatives were not seriously considered and conservation was not seriously considered by NG either.

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In Westchester County, NY, state agencies have allocated over 250 million dollars to foster non pipeline alternatives instead of supporting Con Edison’s gas pipeline plans. This resulted in a Clean Energy Plan, NY Power Authority’s low cost financing, and ultimately Con Edison’s renewable incentives. These feasible alternatives should be carefully looked at and adopted by the lead agency, Public Service Commission (PSC), in Albany and Rensselaer Counties.% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

Why not use the rate hike money ($70,000,000) to incentivize the use of geothermal heat for new growth and credit entities to not use gas on the few peak demand days each year? With enough incentives other alternatives will develop.

Approval of the pipeline based on an application that relies on a need for supply due to certain average temperature days, without supplying that factual basis in adequate specificity to support a project of this magnitude, would be arbitrary and capricious. Even if that data were supplied, it would have to be sufficient to support such a need. Possible extreme cold days on the order of a few days a year would not constitute such a need. Nor would temperatures based on past data, without valid projections of what future temperatures, constitute such a need.

NG admits there never has been shut off and they don’t forecast one by a supplier, further undercutting the need requirement.
Furthermore, there was no consideration of climate warming, which will require less gas to heat homes in the future.

So NG speculates that there might be an outage on a supply line on the one particular day when the average temperature is 5° F. Although NG provides no factual data about the likelihood of an outage. Outages cannot be presumed.

Nor does the NG provide factual data concerning its history of outages or of possible interruptions of supply from Dominion Energy Transmission Inc. or of any of its suppliers. 

Without any factual data about past outages or interruptions of supply, or projections from NG about such in the future, the PSC cannot make a determination that outages could occur in the future. All such data must be present in the application for review by the public.

Without this data, a PSC determination approving the pipeline would be arbitrary and capricious.

A project of this magnitude, which intrudes on the Hudson River and runs counter to efforts to move our State to clean energy, cannot be authorized, and the cost should not be passed on to ratepayers, merely to try to solve a “projected” 1.1% gap in peak hour usage when it has not been shown that conservation efforts would be impossible to solve that gap. 

There are so many environmental and public safety reasons that should be compelling enough for PSC to reject this application, but at the heart of this application is a lack of research and information provided by National Grid.”

written by,

Chelsea Zantay
Averill Park, New York 12018
submitted by,
Robert Connors
Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline
1409 County Rte 5
Canaan, NY 12029