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Coliform testing is essential now to water standards. I want great water testing given Flint, Michigan to start!!

There are continued and ever increasing threats to human health. Just alone from contaminated drinking water. So from consuming pathogens including human or animal excrement.

Therefore, fecal contamination causes serious and even fatal illness. For example acute gastroenteritis, giardiasis, ameobiasis, or cryptosporidiosis.

As the world’s population grows, increasing pressure is on the drinking water supply. So we need to quickly and accurately assess water.

Drinking water contamination in the USA is common. A study was conducted between 1982 and 2015. Reporting showing 9 and 45 million Americans per year are drinking fecal water.

Around the world, two billion people drink contaminated water. This comes from the World Health Organization (WHO). Yes folks contaminated with feces. This leads to deaths of half a million people annually. All from diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and dysentery.

So for starters, coliform testing is the gold-standard approach. It’s required by international guidelines on water safety. Initially developed to detect individual pathogens in the water supply. However, scientists now look for coliform. That’s a class of harmful bacteria. Detection of coliform shows fecal contamination. That’s because there is so much of it when present.

Coliform testing machine

Accuracy to order

When it comes to coliform tests, slight temperature variations produce erroneous data. That is why PolyScience developed their coliform bath. A bath with temperature accuracy within 0.07°C. Finally allowing users to rely on their results.

The coliform bath is specifically designed for coliform and E. coli testing. It is pre-configured for coliform testing at 44.5°C with programmable options.

The coliform bath also features PolyScience’s signature gable lid. Allowing taller vessels to stand upright within the bath. All the while permitting condensation to quickly drain back into the bath. Therefore not onto the bench!

All of PolyScience’s coliform baths are produced to order. Thereby reducing environmental impact.

This aligns PolyScience’s core values.

For example avoiding using toxic solvents. Also increased recycling. They also launching their first device containing a UV light. Thereby circumventing the need for algicide; an environmental pollutant.

In conclusion, PolyScience offers personalized, unique and economical approaches to water safety testing. Finally it’s helping to face up to public health challenges.

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