A recent report stated 80 percent of companies go LEED to communicate corporate sustainability efforts: to the world.  As reported, by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) this study looked at Fortune 200 companies that were also members of USGBC.

Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and founding chair, USGBC says, “This survey first of all demonstrates how successful we’ve been.  Especially in helping link profit to planet. Finally, why LEED continues to be the market leader. It’s also certifying 2.2 million square feet of commercial space every day.”

Companies go LEED

The survey furthermore about LEED and the Corporate Built Environment. It consequently showed the following information:

To begin, 82 percent of survey respondents from Fortune 200 companies are likely to continue using LEED. This is also over the next three years for new construction or retrofit projects

As well, 60 percent of surveyed companies believe LEED is good. Finally and for the positively impacts their return on investment (ROI)!

In addition, 70 percent stated they will pursue LEED. Not just because it’s green but more importantly as a means to save money. That is for the reason that it means by being more energy efficient!

Also, 80 percent agree about LEED. It is a key way consequently their company communicates sustainability efforts to stakeholders.

Another point, 96 percent use LEED to support their sustainability efforts. Nearly all (93 percent) first of all reported that demonstrating a commitment to the environment motivates their company to use LEED.

In conclusion, USGBC partnered with Keybridge LLC to produce this survey. All which was targeted at executives in charge of building operations or corporate sustainability efforts. Furthermore, the survey was conducted between January and March 2015. Finally, a majority of respondents were USGBC members.

Source: USGBC