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Organic Valley Becomes 100 Percent Renewably Powered


Organic Valley Becomes 100 Percent Renewably Powered

To reach its 100 percent renewable electricity commitment set forth in 2017, Organic Valley collaborated with OneEnergy Renewables and a group of Midwestern municipal utilities. These guys are really helping these renewable projects.  They are referred to as the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group (UMMEG).

So in late 2018, BluEarth Renewables acquired Butter Solar and they began construction in January 2019. Butter Solar providing 23,000 people across 10 Midwest communities. That’s even including six in Organic Valley’s project portfolio. All with reduced energy costs for more than 25 years through projects in or near their community.

Organic Valley continues to focus on a sustainable future for rural America. In addition to the economic benefits of these municipal solar projects, the sites will feature grazing sheep and pollinator habitats under the panels. Organic Valley is also developing new renewable energy or projects and partnerships. All that aim to help rural American farms increase their sustainability, both financially and environmentally.

For more than 25 years, Organic Valley will buy renewable energy credits (RECs) from three solar projects, owned and operated by BluEarth Renewables. All to help support the project and keep electricity prices low. That’s for everyone that lives in these rural Midwestern communities. Other organizations including Dr. Bronner’s, the City of Madison, Lime, and Native Energy have also agreed to buy RECs from their own project. Even mentioned groups of projects, as part of a shared commitment to lower their carbon footprint.

Finally and to celebrate, Organic Valley held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for this renewable electricity program on August 1. It was held at the Cashton solar site in Wisconsin.

Sources: Organic Valley, OneEnergy Renewables and BluEarth Renewables
Solar projects afoot at organic valley

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