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Do you essentially like your old home for more sustainability? I mean you wish it had some smarter solutions. Things that will make it more eco-friendly and more energy-efficient? If yes, just know that you’re not the only one.

Many old-house owners struggle with expenses and their carbon footprint. However, there are things you can do to reduce your expenses and boost your sustainability.

Fix leaks and drips

Many old homes for more sustainability are full of drippy faucets and leaky pipes. All that are doing nothing but wasting precious water and making your bills higher. In many cases, one drippy faucet can waste as much as six gallons of water per day! So, take a few minutes to examine your fixtures, upgrade old faucets and minimize your water waste and money waste.

Invest in low-flow fixtures

There’s no better way to modernize your fixtures than to switch them for low-flow ones. A low-flow showerhead, faucets and toilets can save you a lot of water in only one day! However, don’t expect to be forced to sacrifice your comforts, because low-flow models provide users with the same amount of comfort. Plus, these new fixtures look much more aesthetically pleasing than your 15-year-old ones.

Choose eco-friendly paints

If all you want to do to update your old house is splash a new coat of paint on your walls, you can make that eco-friendlier as well. Today, there are low- or zero-VOC paints that won’t off-gas harmful chemicals into your home and into the atmosphere. These are as beautiful as traditional paint but bring no harmful side-effects with your new paint job.

Renovate your old home

If you want to be in a good place financially in the future, make sure to renovate your old house. Why would you want to invest money into your old property or purchase an old home? Well, any renovation will increase the value of your property in case you wish to sell. Many people decide to buy homes rather than build new buildings, especially in countries like Australia, so you can expect many interested parties if your home is updated. Contact some experts for home renovations in Sydney and see what they can do for your property.

A new setup can maximize your space, spare you the expenses of moving and allow you to customize your home as you want while new appliances can boost energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

Replace your old flooring

If you’re not up for the entire house update, you can turn to your floors. However, instead of choosing new hardwood or toxic vinyl, consider investing in cork. Cork can be harvested over and over again from the same tree without any damage to it, which makes cork a very sustainable material. Plus, cork is also soft, springy, excellent in thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproof and wipeable.

Reclaim some furniture

If you want to freshen up your space with some new furniture, don’t hit stores like IKEA right way. Instead, see if you can find something interesting in thrift stores or online. In many cases, you can find amazing pieces in all sorts of styles, save them from ending up on a landfill and save some money in the process (these are usually less expensive than new things). Or, you can try upcycling your old pieces and giving them new life and new purpose.

Rethink your window treatment

Want to update the look of your old home for more sustainability  and save energy? Make sure to turn to your window treatment! A better setup will prevent heat loss in the winter and cold air loss in the summer. Plus, it will block some of the scorching sun from entering your home which means you can keep your thermostat higher and save some money on cooling.

LED bulbs are great for old homes for more sustainability and simple light bulbs.Green background

Upgrade to LEDs

LEDs might cost more upfront, but they have up to 25 times longer lifespan than the traditional bulbs. Also they use 75% less energy. This means more light in an old home  needing sustainability for less money! I mean talk about saving some money! When I installed my LED I saved some money immediately!

ABB wins $80 million order to power Canada’s largest solar photovoltaic plant 1

Consider solar

Similarly, if you really want to go sustainable, consider solar panels. They are cheaper than you think and can make you partially or completely independent from the grid. Just make sure your old roof can handle the additions!

In conclusion, you don’t have to start from scratch in order to live in a sustainable and cost-effective home. Finally, give your old house an update and you’ll help the environment and your wallet!

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