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If You Go Green Lighting in Your Home then Go LED!

Then we see the future in certain stores to smart LED bulbs. Think folks since they do use at least 75 less energy.  So the green is also cash savings on lighting in your home!

As written before and According to the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. LED lighting will save Americans more than $30 billion annually in electricity costs. It will cut lighting consumption in half by the year 2030. But there are more incentives to switch to LED lighting than just trimming your budget. According to The Climate Group, lighting accounts for 6 percent of our global CO2 greenhouse emissions. This figure is roughly equal to 70 percent of the CO2 emissions of the world’s passenger cars. Whether you want to save money, the environment, or both, there are easy and creative ways you can go green.

Yet there are LEDs are more integrating as smart bulbs. There are also some that are just simply screw in. With smart bulbs you schedule and manage them. Thereby resulting in better efficiency. The bulbs work. They are very specific LED smart bulbs. Finally, these designed for residential lighting applications.

Simply again you can do a simple screw in LED bulb. Or you if you don’t want an electrician to change your dimmer switch then plug in a WiFi connection. That can then communicate with the LED through your phone.  That’s right folks!! Your phone and an app. You can tune in like your volume on a radio or smart phone or TV.  Amazing new technology.

However, besides just Green Lighting or LED bulbs, here is a great infographic on other ways to go green or energy efficient.


LED green lighting in homes for your home

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