Innovation in the Way We Drink – Paper vs. Plastic

Aardvark Straws Article for Green Living Guy

The trend to go green is growing increasingly popular. So that’s with 83 percent of Americans looking for opportunities to live sustainably. One eco-friendly product that dates back to 1888 has returned. All in a new and improved fashion and is now available for green enthusiasts around the world.

Aardvark straws

In response to the growing anti-plastic movement, the paper drinking straw made a comeback in 2007. All to meet the needs of zoos, aquariums and theme parks. Especially where plastic straws could kill animals if ingested. These new paper straws are crafted with the highest quality in mind. Therefore becoming much more durable than the first generation of paper straws. The earth conscious product soon took off among both restaurants and consumers. As well it is growing increasingly popular because of worldwide green initiatives.

Americans use approximately 500 million plastic straws per day. Thereby making them one of the top 10 debris items that pollute our oceans, beaches and marine life. Paper straws, which are biodegradable and decomposable, offer an earth friendly alternative to the harmful plastic straw. However, we are trusting that your paper straw won’t get soggy, deteriorate or bleed ink. Especially into your drink. Yes folks it is another concern that most don’t consider.

As the sole manufacturer to use FDA food-grade approved inks, Aardvark is the only company to do this. All with the ability to safely print more than 200 colors, designs and customized logos. That’s right on their straws and wrappers. Because of its excellence in quality and design, Aardvark’s exclusive partnership with the NFL and NCAA. They allow them to print their sports-branded straws. In addition, Aardvark straws are made with 1/3 more material than competitor straws, making them extremely sturdy. Also they are able to withstand hours of use without falling apart. Even with the added material, the paper straws only take 45-60 days to decompose.

Aardvark’s latest product is its patent-pending Eco-Flex™ paper straw design that, akin to all other Aardvark paper straws, is eco-friendly, FDA-approved, durable and made in the USA. The first of its kind, the Eco-Flex straw is bendable just like plastic straws without the harmful environmental effects. These are non-toxic, 100% BPA, chlorine and chemical-free straws. All are manufactured right here in the USA and proudly employ an American workforce in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

While paper straws are the right choice to make, it’s important consumers recognize the difference between Aardvark paper straws and foreign competitor straws so that they are guaranteed a food safe, chemical-free and eco-friendly straw. Because of Aardvark’s vast array of branded straws, consumers must make sure their paper straw package states the ‘Made in the USA’ seal of approval. They can then feel confident they contributed to eliminating the use of the detrimental plastic straw and helped to save the planet.

So make the switch from plastic to paper and be sure to use the only safe paper straw made right here in the USA for your friends, family and guests.

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