LOS ANGELES (October 29, 2019) – The Petersen Automotive Museum is collaborating with Volkswagen. Calling it an exhibit called Building an Electric Future. Most noteworthy to show off their new vehicle design in a brand-new interactive exhibit. One consequently that showcases the design and construction of the vehicles of tomorrow. The launch consequently occurred on Wednesday, November 20, 2019,

What To Expect After the Art

So I wrote before that the series production version will later also offer a smaller battery option. One with an energy content of 45 kWh and a range of up to 205 miles. That’s as well as a larger battery. All with an energy content of 77 kWh and a maximum range of 342 miles.Thanks to its fast charging capability, at a charging output of 100 kW it is possible to recharge the ID.3 1ST with enough energy within 30 minutes. That’s to cover a range of around 180 miles. So that’s a serious range boost than had previously been possible. Even more noteworthy in the compact vehicle segment.

So that’s why the Petersen Museum is calling it “Building an Electric Future”. It will be celebrating Volkswagen’s rich and impactful history. That’s both globally and also locally. This also introduces Volkswagen’s new electric concept vehicles. This exhibit showcases Volkswagen’s plans. All consequently to become the foremost producer of electric vehicles. So therefore beginning with the global concept unveiled the all-new ID. concept car from Volkswagen. All to show how they are Building an Electric Future.

Petersen Automotive Museum On Tuesday, 11/19 at 7 pm Volkswagen unveiled its new ID. Space Vizzion concept car.
On Tuesday, 11/19 at 7 pm Volkswagen unveiled its new ID. Space Vizzion concept car.

On Tuesday, 11/19 at 7 pm Volkswagen unveiled its new ID. Space Vizzion concept car.The exhibit most interestingly consists of five rooms. All thereby showcasing Volkswagen’s MEB modular electric vehicle platform. I mean so darn cool in my opinion.

They also show you how it’s engineered. Also, I heard you’ll see the wide variety of models that will be built. Furthermore and more noteworthy I think is the uniquely flexible nature of the platform. Finally you will see how the cars are assembled. So through incorporating interactive features in each room, visitors will have a variety of engaging ways to visualize new challenges faced by modern automakers.

Then you can explore what driving looks like in the future. The final room of the exhibit will give visitors an inside look at an ID. concept vehicle and focus on the interior and technology features.

In addition, I have heard the four planned ID. concept vehicles will be highlighted. That’s going to be through both physical and virtual interactive experiences. I so wish I can attend. Ugh. Also, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the assembly process. As well as see the car take shape around them. All through virtual reality. They will also have the opportunity to physically explore the finished product – a completed vehicle that will remain unlocked and accessible throughout the run of the exhibit.

In conclusion, “Building an Electric Future” will be the feature installation under the “Driving Toward Tomorrow” series of exhibits at the Petersen. Finally, the series addresses the automobile industry’s current work. Work that’s for the future designing transportation. Furthermore, they are displaying actual concept vehicles. Those that are actually being developed by a global selection of automobile manufacturers. 

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