UN Environment says one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute around the world

Stockholm, Sweden, December 2, 2019 – Bluewater, a world leading clean water purification technology and solutions leader calling on global energy, finance and environment ministers. Those attending the UN’s Climate Conference in Madrid to take a powerful approach to tackling clean water. More than that, I mean clean water quality issues. Those that are spurring sales of polluting single-use plastic bottles of water.

So a Swedish environmental entrepreneur, Mr. Rittri noted how a report by the Center for International Law (CIEL) estimating the cradle-to-grave impact of plastic.

As I’ve talked about one excellent way to resolve this is through things like Eco Plastic Wood. Because it requires no painting or annual staining, and requires very little to no maintenance across its lifespan, which can be 50 years and over. This way, you can simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a top quality product. They’re weatherproof, won’t rot and are made entirely to how their customers want them.

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However, they concluded that plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore the climate emergency is at every stage of its lifecycle. Because I mean from production to refining. That’s because its use and how it is managed as a waste product is horrible!

The UN Environment says one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. Yes folks, all around the world. Also stating most to all plastics are recycled. I mean and according to a recent study from the Veolia Group, ending up in landfill or environments like the oceans. Especially where they pose a grave threat to the marine life.

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Bengt Rittri, founder and chief executive of Bluewater

Consequently, the UN has warned that the planet is on course for more than a three-degree spike in global temperature.  That’s over pre-industrial levels. I mean even if countries meet commitments made under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

A statement from Lucy Almond, Director of Nature4Climate, regarding the new WWF Living Planet report.

Please note parenthetically that the  work to tackle climate change isn’t working at cross-purposes.

All with the need to feed a growing world population. Natural climate solutions, which are urgently required to provide a third of the world’s climate solution by 2030.

It can work in harmony with sectors like agriculture and forestry. Take reforestation of degraded and unused land. This can effectively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere without disturbing prime agricultural land.

Yet ahead of the Madrid gathering, the UN said the global warming is leading to even wider-ranging impacts and more destructive climate impacts. Impacts I mean frankly that would bring mass extinctions. I mean make large parts of the planet uninhabitable.

Earlier this year, I reported access to water and sanitation is internationally recognized human right. Yet more than two billion people lack the most basic of services. That came from latest United Nations World Water Development Report. The report is called Leaving No One Behind. This report exploring the symptoms of exclusion. It also investigates ways to overcome inequalities. The report launched in Geneva, Switzerland. All for World Water Day (22 March).

In addition, a recent study by a team of researchers at Bangor University, UK, found plastic outnumbers baby fish. So in here I mean by seven to one in waters off Hawaii. The study also discovered microplastic particles in the stomachs of commercially fished species. You know, such as swordfish and more importantly others!

As well, Bluewater has won global acclaim for its compact water purifiers. That’s consequently for residential, business and public dispensing. So the Bluewater water purifier removing chemicals, toxic metals, pharmaceutical residues, and micro-plastics from tap water. Thereby Bluewater providing clean water.

Finally, Bluewater hydration stations today are used at global sporting, musical and other events. Thereby taking a stand against single use plastic bottles. All from the UK’s The Open golf tournament to the Cape Town Marathon.

Source: Bluewater: www.bluewatergroup.com