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Over the years, solar power and solar panels have continued to advance in technology. It used to seem like an optimistic view of the future. Yet now it’s the viable energy option.

Listen folks, as the number of people interested and the number of houses with solar power and solar panels increases, prices come down. I mean moreover even more. Yet really it’s also about reducing you carbon footprint. Because it grows folks; yet so does energy efficiency. Finally and also the cost effectiveness of solar power.

In addition, the price of materials and installation is at an all time low. I got mine for a third of the price from Tesla solar. You can too as a homeowner! Certainly then, choosing solar panels with energy storage is advantageous.

First of all, solar panels require minimal maintenance. It will also save people money on their electric bills. Financing options are also making it easier for homeowners to choose solar.

Yet I must add folks! Please add energy storage!  It saves and throws more energy onto the grid for you!  In summer it costs next to nothing for electricity! Who says that?!

Not to mention, the large scale benefits it provides the economy and the natural environment. For the economy it means the creation of new jobs. Also, for our environment it means having a healthier planet. Especially as the dependency of fossil fuels drops.

Get the facts on going solar at home:

 Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels, Solar power and solar panels

So as I’ve written before, The world is facing an energy crisis. Therefore a solution to save our planet must be found. Renewable Energy is an important part of the solution. Moreover and particularly, so is solar energy.

So a new Alison course in Solar Energy is called Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide. It will be of interest to learners and professionals. All consequently with curiousity about sustainability and energy saving for the environment.

Source: Alison, August 20th, 2017

The above graphic was compiled and designed by Renewable Energy Corporation, Maryland’s leading <a href=>solar panel installer.

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