Levi’s® Stadium Sets New Standard Using Recycled Water

Talk about Levi’s® Stadium going green. So Following final testing by the City of Santa Clara Water and Sewer Utilities, Levi’s® Stadium has been connected to the city’s recycled water system, making it the first stadium in California to utilize the drought-proof water source. The milestone brings Levi’s® Stadium one step closer to a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

In addition, Recycled water accounts for about 85 percent of all water used. I mean all throughout Levi’s® Stadium. It’s setting a new standard. Especially for stadiums that aspire to be environmentally sensitive. I mean what a way to conserve natural resources! 

Moreover, recycled water will be also used at Levi’s® Stadium for playing field irrigation. That’s also a 27,000 square foot green roof. Moreover flushing toilets and cooling tower make-up water.

Inside, the stadium is dual plumbed with recycled water used for toilet flushing. Other stadiums in the U.S. are plumbed for recycled water use. However none are using it to the extent. As well as the myriad of ways as Levi’s® Stadium.

“Utilizing recycled water in so many different spaces and in such a variety of ways was a challenging proposition,” said Chris de Groot, the City’s Director of Water and Sewer Utilities.  “We had to develop a new way to test both potable and recycled systems for a building of this size. As well as get approval from the California Department of Public Health. It’s all through innovation and cooperative partnerships. That’s what made us able to achieve this new standard.”

In addition, the recycled water system is a key element Levi’s® Stadium’s quest for the greenest stadium in the country.

As well as the first NFL stadium to open with a LEED Gold rating.  Coming from the U.S. Green Building Council. Other green features include energy efficient systems and solar power. Finally, the use of recycled construction materials.

As well, California is experiencing historic drought conditions. Also wildfires. So the timing couldn’t be better to showcase the benefits of using recycled water!  I mean whenever and wherever possible. These comments came from San Francisco 49ers Vice President and Stadium Operations Jim Mercurio.

As written before, the year 2018 was California’s worst wildfire season on record. That’s on the heels of a devastating 2017 fire season. In 2019, wildfires have already burned 2.5 million acres in Alaska.

That’s in an extreme fire season driven by high temperatures.

Whether started naturally or by people, fires worldwide and the resulting smoke emissions and burned areas have been observed by NASA satellites from space for two decades. Combined with data collected and analyzed by scientists and forest managers on the ground, researchers at NASA, other U.S. agencies and universities are beginning to draw into focus the interplay between fires, climate and humans.

Levi’s has been a recycle water leader

First off, back when celebrating World Water Day (March 22), Levi Strauss & Co. is releasing new stats about how much water gets saved by changing the way we make our products and through cutting edge innovations such as Levi’s® Water Less jeans and its 100% recycled water standard (a first for the apparel industry). The numbers are pretty compelling.

For background: In 2011, the Levi’s® brand launched jeans called Water Less jeans, which reduces up to 96 percent of the water used in the finishing process (which is how we create the different washes of jeans — from dark to light).

Consumers responded and to date, our Water<Less collection has saved over 770 MILLION liters of water. That’s the equivalent of:
Drinking water for the entire city of New York City or London for over a month
308 Olympic swimming pools
3 billion 8-ounce glasses of water
4.5 million bathtubs
25 million average-length showers

Producing jeans is just the start of water conservation. Your readers/viewers can join the World Water Day effort and help year round, too. It’s simple – if your readers wash their jeans once every two weeks, instead of once a week, they’ll save 14 liters of water. That’s five days of drinking water for one person.

As Yale Climate Connections  reports that with global temperatures rising comes more wildfires. Also they are getting more frequent and intense.

He also added that fans visiting the stadium will become more aware. Especially of the importance and viability of incorporating recycled water. Especially encouraging a sustainable Bay Area water supply.

The City of Santa Clara is recognized for having one of the most progressive recycled water programs in Northern California, with recycled water accounting for 15 percent of its water supply. The program was honored with the American City & County Award of Merit and is the recipient of the 2014 Recycled Water Agency of the Year award. All from California WaterReuse Association.

In conclusion, The City’s Recycled Water System is a cooperative venture. That’s of the City of Santa Clara with South Bay Water Recycling, the regional wholesaler of recycled water.  Then finally ties in the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Source: Levi’s® Stadium www.LevisStadium.comSANTA CLARA, CA –

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