Today, Canada Goose announced Kate Upton is it. internationally renowned supermodel, actress and Polar Bears International (PBI) Ambassador, Kate Upton, as a Goose Person.

Goose People are a diverse group of brand ambassadors. Those who embody the company’s values. As well as stand for something bigger than themselves. Thereby they inspire others through their pursuit of greatness.

Kate Upton was first introduced to the performance luxury apparel brand in 2013. That’s when she wore a white Chilliwack Bomber. It was during a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photo shoot. They are the first-ever fashion shoot in Antarctica.

Since then, she’s been a friend of the brand. As a result, trusting its products. All for her personal and professional adventures.

Photo: Courtesy of Canada Goose and Kate Upton teaming with Polar Bears International
Photo: Courtesy of Canada Goose

In 2018, Upton became an Ambassador for Polar Bears International. That’s by working alongside Canada Goose. A company who has been a partner to PBI for more than 10 years.

That’s because Canada Goose is a passionate advocate for polar bears and their habitat. As well as a champion for women. So Upton will join the brand. All most importantly in empowering people. Consequently to take action in environmental conservation.

“I first discovered Canada Goose when I was in Antarctica and temperatures were as low as -20°F… I mean that jacket kept me from freezing! I’ve used their products from the most extreme cold temperatures. From rainy downpours and their quality is second-to-none,” said Kate Upton.

“After being a long-time fan, I’m proud to officially partner together. As well as support the incredible work they do for the environment. I’ve learned that what’s happening in the Arctic. It doesn’t stay in the Arctic. So Canada Goose is a company that is making a difference.”

Kate Upton, Polar Bears International and Canadian Goose

Upton is the face of the brand’s Spring 2020 Campaign

The campaign includes a seasonal expansion of the Polar Bears International collection. The capsule first debuted in Fall/Winter 2007. Combined with parkas and accessories for men, women and children in a signature bright hue. Now known as “PBI Blue.”

Also now and for the first time, the Canada Goose PBI collection includes five spring styles. That’s including rainwear, windwear and lightweight down options. Fifty dollars from the sale of each jacket goes directly to PBI, providing critical funding for polar bear and environmental research and advocacy. Since the launch of the collection, Canada Goose has donated more than $3.5 million to the organization.

“Kate is a progressive thinker, a role model. As well as a passionate advocate who has a positive influence on the world. We admire and are inspired by her focus. Especially on making this a better place for future generations,” said Dani Reiss, Canada Goose President & CEO.

Canada Goose’s Spring 2020 campaign also launches with the unveiling of the short film, Bare Existence. It was produced in partnership with Stept Studios. This poignant documentary shows a unique perspective on the important work that PBI does every day to fight climate change, aiming to drive awareness and understanding of the global significance of the Arctic.

This eye-opening feature can be viewed at
The Canada Goose Polar Bears International collection is available now in Canada Goose stores around the world and online at

As Vogue reports, For each jacket sold in Canada Goose’s new PBI line, $50 will be donated to PBI in an effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Vogue:

In conclusion and ahead of the campaign, Upton embarked on an expedition trip to Churchill, Manitoba. It’s known as the “polar bear capital of the world”.

All last November and to see just how the bears are being impacted by global warming. There, she and PBI chief scientist Dr. Steven C. Armstrup discovered the animals. All in their natural habitat and learned how their hunting conditions are being negatively affected.

“We saw a polar bear within the first ten minutes of landing,” Upton told Vogue. “We were kept on the plane longer because there was a polar bear on the tarmac. So the fact that polar bears were in town and at the airport. It means that the sea ice hadn’t formed yet  All which they hunt on. They were waking up hungry, and wandering trying to find food.”

Source: Canada Goose, TORONTO, ON (February 3, 2020) –

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