3 Ways To Kick start Your Spring Cleaning

Let’s talk about a kick start your spring cleaning. Spring is right around the corner, and with more people staying home than ever, it is a great time of year to get started on spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is a great way to not only finish or start new home projects, but a great time of year to feel refreshed.

No matter the size of the projects you have in mind, these tips, make it easy to get your home ready for spring!

With warmer days ahead, we went and made 3 easy ways you can kick start your spring cleaning!


Minimalism is trendier than ever, but spring is a great time to declutter your home! Take a day to go through closets, and either donate, or throw away unwanted clothes, or items. You can even have a garage sale for unwanted items in good condition! 

Decluttering not only helps you move unwanted items, but makes it easy to organize and refresh your home. Say goodbye to bulky filing cabinets, or piles of items with no place to go!

Here are 3 Places in your Home you Should Declutter::

1. Bedroom Closets

2. Basements

3. Garages 

New Coat of Paint

After you removed the excess clutter out of a home, you might want to make some changes for your home. A new coat of paint will make any room feel refreshed. While hard money lenders Phoenix suggest gray as a great color for your home, any color will make your home feel more clean. 

New coats of paint are perfect for making a home look new, and just feel more clean. Bright colors tend to make a home feel more cheery, and inviting, while cool tones will make a home feel more calming. Naturals are a great way to make your home feel more relaxed. 

You can easily refresh your home with a new coat of paint, just in time for spring!


Springtime is the perfect time to test out your green thumb. With warmer weather, it is easy to get some flowers planted that you can enjoy all season long. 

Hard Money lenders suggest these tips to get your yard ready for spring: 

These include:

Powerwash your house and sidewalk
Buying Mulch
Add A Bird Bathes/Houses
Trimming Trees and Bushes
Planting Season Flowers

All of these outdoor tips will greatly boost the curb appeal of your home! Curb Appeal is the first impression that guests and potential buyers get of your home. Completing these quick outdoor updates can easily add up to 10% in curb appeal value to your home!

These tips will make any garden or yard pop, and are a great way to get your home ready for spring!


Spring Cleaning is a great way to breathe some new life in your home. Removing excess clutter, trying new things, or just tidying up, will make your home feel new again. 

3 Ways you Can Kick Start Your Spring Cleaning Are: 

New Coat of Paint

What Is Your Favorite Spring Cleaning Tip?

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