Ecuador is planning to auction off three million of the country’s 8.1 million hectares of pristine Amazonian rainforest to Chinese oil companies, Jonathan Kaiman of The Guardian reports. So it seems this report comes as oil pollution forced neighboring Peru to declare an environmental state of emergency. That’s in its northern Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador Owed China

First of all, Ecuador owed China more than $7 billion. That’s also more than a tenth of its GDP; as of last summer.

What the hell happened to Earth’s or Amazonia Rights?!?!?! I also find this totally phuckin’ appauling. For we must Mobilize the earthites! For somehow, we gotta stop this from happening. VERY disappointing Ecuador. -Mort.

As I’ve written before:

Amazon Conservation, in collaboration with Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), has just posted MAAP #63: Patterns of Deforestation in the Colombian Amazon.

Columbia Amazon

The vast Colombian Amazon covers approximately 119 million acres, 6.2% of the total Amazon biome (RAISG, 2016). This region contains a diverse variety of ecosystems, including montane, lowland, and flooded rainforest. Importantly, much of this region has remained intact, partly due to Colombia’s longstanding civil conflict that may be coming to an end.

This report has two objectives: 1) Illustrate the major deforestation hotspots in the Colombian Amazon between 2001 and 2015 and 2) Focus in on one of the most important hotspots, located in the Caquetá department.

This map, created by Esri’s emerging hotspot software. It identifies forest loss trends over time. Especially to identify new, intensifying, diminishing, and sporadic deforestation hotspots (2001-2018).

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According to the California-based NGO Amazon Watch, seven indigenous groups who inhabit the land claim that they have not consented to oil projects, which would devastate the area’s environment and threaten their traditional way of life.

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 Ecuador map Photograph: Graphic

“We demand that public and private oil companies across the world not participate in the bidding process that systematically violates the rights of seven indigenous nationalities by imposing oil projects in their ancestral territories,” a group of Ecuadorean organised indigenous associations wrote in an open letter.

Source: The Guardian