Wild Planet Challenges Top Tuna Brands Switch Sustainable Fishing Methods.

MCKINLEYVILLE, CA – Greenpeace, an international environmental organization. An organization working towards a green and peaceful future, honored Wild Planet Foods.

All by ranking them the most sustainable fishing methods. Therefore being an ethical tuna brand in the U.S.

Wild planet

With strict quality control from hook to shelf, Wild Planet’s mission to produce safe, nutritious, great-tasting and sustainably caught seafood since 2001. So their harvesting practices 100% compliant with the Best Choices for Sustainability recommendations of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. So all of Wild Planet’s tuna products sustainably get caught by old fashioned methods. Using pole and line, troll caught fishing methods.

Wild Planet honored getting Greenpeace ranking “go-to eco-brand”. Thereby topping the ranks for dedication to ensuring sustainable and responsible tuna products. In conclusion and in accepting, Wild Planet pledges providing high-quality, sustainable tuna. Finally, raising industry awareness and educating consumers about sustainable practices.

They sell at Target fish so the seafood they buy wild caught, farmed using sustainable practices. They’ve worked hand-in-hand with FishWise, trusted vendors and others. All ensuring 100 percent, fresh and frozen seafood is sustainable, traceable. Also time-bound improvement process expanding policy. Policy addressing sourcing of sushi and shelf-stable tuna. They continue seeking ways scaling going green.

Source: Wild Planet Foods www.wildplanetfoods.com and Target
switch to sustainable fishing methods

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