Guide to Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Ok, so before reading the energy efficiency guide below, my book Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits rocks. Ok I didn’t write it but I was Consulting Editor, my names inside the book and also it’s part of my Green Guru Guide series.

So I mean it always rocked aka the best energy efficiency guide for homes. this infographic is pretty cool.

As I have written before:

Communities face a growing number of stresses that pose risks to their energy systems and economies. These include aging infrastructure in need of costly maintenance upgrades and severe weather events. Energy efficiency is a strategy-albeit not a broadly recognized one-to enhance the community resilience of energy systems served.

One example of community resilience is the role that CHP played during Superstorm Sandy. All keeping the power on at critical facilities. As well as including hospitals and universities, when 8.5 million customers lost power. But efficiency could also be key to community resilience. Especially in less obvious ways, including helping communities to weather economic stresses.

For example, natural gas customers in Massachusetts are paying more on their bills this winter. All because insufficient transmission infrastructure in the state is leading to congestion in the transmission system. Natural gas efficiency programs would help natural gas customers. It would help them avoid paying high congestion prices. As well as allow them to spend more on other potential needs. As a result, further improving community resilience.

So labels in place to help green-minded consumers make sustainable, energy-saving choices. All when it comes to making purchases. Additional labels can be found on building products. Those such as Smart Certified labels; water delivery, like WaterSense certifications. Also food products and home goods, including furniture. Finally and for more on eco-labels, check this out.

Energy efficiency guide and The Ultimate Guide To An Energy Efficient Home

The Ultimate Guide To An Energy Efficient Home [Infographic] by the team at Chadwicks