How To Make An Earth Friendly Phone Purchase

It’s commendable that people will want to maintain a level of sustainability even as they upgrade to the newest devices.

If you’re thinking of making an earth-friendly phone purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll show you ways on how you can go green and lessen the e-waste problem.

1 – Extend Phone Ownership

Just bought a brand-new phone with the latest hardware? You can show appreciation by using the smartphone for as long as you possibly can.

The ecological impact of manufacturing a new phone is greater than you think. Therefore, the longer you stay off a new phone upgrade, the less products a company may produce as there’s a lower demand for it. Batteries, screen displays, and circuit boards contain precious metals such as silver, gold and palladium, which require energy and fuel to harvest and collect.

If you can keep your current mobile device for at least 2 years, then you’re doing Earth a huge favor. Despite what phone makers will have you believe, that Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone X will still be relevant and powerful enough to run daily apps, productivity tasks and entertaining content for a long time. Incremental upgrades and new designs can be attractive but at the end of the day they all do one thing, which is make life easier. If your phone can do that, then there’s really no reason why you should get a new device.

Opt-in for extended ownership by going with a 36-month contract. You get a new phone, cellular service and discounts that save you money on monthly bill payments.

2 – Don’t Be Quick To Put It Away

Throwing your old tech is the worst thing you can do. Smartphones already contribute to a significant percentage in landfill volume. There are so designs and cover types. Also there are many ways that you can reuse your phone and keep it from leaching heavy metals and toxic chemicals on our precious planet.

A new mobile phone owner’s environmental responsibility is to make sure his old phone is put to good use. Here, you’ll have three choices- to recycle, donate or sell your phone for cash. When you hand the device to a reputable recycling platform, the technicians will find out if there’s anything wrong with your phone and get it repaired. They can resell it as a refurbished unit for a lower cost than its brand-new counterpart.

A simple step would be to sell your smartphone to an online recycler like Plunc where you have the guarantee that the device will be in good hands. You recoup some of the costs you made when you bought a new phone and won’t contribute to the e-waste problem.

3 – Buy Refurbished

One of the best ways to ensure your phone is earth friendly is to go with a company that promotes sustainability. Apple has its own programs, while other major manufacturers such as Lenovo, LG and HP have various buyback platforms. You’ll also find that these companies offer refurbished phones, which is an excellent way to upgrade without hurting the environment.

You can choose your favorite brand, including Huawei, Google, Samsung, Apple and others and get a refurbished model instead of a new one. The only difference between them is that refurbished is second-hand, but certified technicians have repaired and tested them to work good as new. You get the same hardware, screen display and features as a new unit at a lower price tag. Some smartphone companies even provide a 1-year warranty to entice would-be upgraders.

The only downside to this is that consumers will have to wait a while until refurbished units appear. Still, if your current mobile is still working and you’re in no rush, then it’s worth the time (and your money) to wait for that next-gen phone to come in a renewed model.

Protect your cell phone from this

4 – Protect Your Smartphone

There are a few cheap and effective ways on how you can ensure your smart phone will live a long, long time. Some of them include the following:

A Screen Protector. The moment you take the new phone out the box, immediately put on a protective screen to prevent scratches or shattering.

A Protective Case. You can choose from many designs and cover types, depending on your need. Some case companies have products that are made from 100% recycled materials, are biodegradable or help the environment via proceeds.

Be Extra Careful. Put your phone aside in a safe place when you’re going swimming or out on the beach. Secure it in your pocket or bag and don’t expose it to harsh environments, e.g., sunlight, water and snow.

Update Regularly. Install the latest phone software as soon as they become available. Make it a habit to check your phone’s Settings, then Update section so you’re protected from vulnerabilities, malware and phishing.

Now that making earth-friendly smartphone purchases are easier than ever, there’s no excuse not to do so. Play an active role in saving the world and eliminating the e-waste problem one step at a time.

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