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So let’s talk Formula E. An electric vehicle grand prix race now billions of dollars spent. Then we have Joe Veilleux doesn’t view himself as an environmentalist, but he understands how his actions might paint him with that brush.

Bottom line, environmentalism is great for business!

Veilleux’s company is partner with the Everglades Foundation in a campaign dubbed Glade-iator (, which is a model of the public-private partnership Veilleux believes is good for business.

In the program, every time a manufacturer purchases an order of Euromed’s saw palmetto extract. All to therefore create a natural health supplement, Euromed will make a donation to the Everglades Foundation in the name of the purchasing company.

So the Everglades Foundation, whose mission is to preserve all the natural habitats in Florida (where nearly all of the world’s supply of saw palmetto is located). It therefore and most importantly benefits from donations and from the marketing materials about the campaign.

The campaign that Euromed supplies to natural health products.

Not only that, but giving to environmental causes was on the way up, with $6.6 billion in donations. It’s not just about the dollars, either. Fortune Magazine just held a conference called Brainstorm Green. A conference where they gathered top corporate figures like Virgin’s Richard Branson and some of the top environmentalists and cause-related organizations for a summit. A summit on how to make things better for both groups. The event grew by 23 percent over last year’s gathering. Public-private partnership just plain works.

Along those lines, companies who help with the Glade-iator effort will also be able to help educate their customers about how they can help the green effort, Veilleux said.

Sir Richard Branson: “Formula E will produce technological breakthrough”

So similarly and again infamous entrepreneur and Virgin Racing team owner Sir Richard Branson believes that the introduction of new manufacturers in Formula E will push further development of electric cars.

That will help reduce carbon emissions across the globe.

On his first visit to a Formula E event, Sir Richard Branson addressed media in Miami at the American Airlines Arena. That’s home of the Miami Heat basketball team.

Image from Virgin Racing
Image from Virgin Racing Organizers of the FIA Formula E Championship have announced a new partnership with leading carbon capture company Global Thermostat. Likewise  to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions generated by the series. Also and to jointly promote sustainable technologies.

Therefore Formula E is the FIA’s global motorsport championship. It’s featuring fully-electric open-wheel cars racing in 10 of the world’s leading cities including Los Angeles, London and Buenos Aires. The debut of Formula E ushers in an innovative age. An age where a race on the world stage becoming the platform to showcase and promote sustainable technology for the environment.Formula E and Richard Branson

Global Thermostat was founded in 2006 by Professors Peter Eisenberger and Graciela Chichilnisky. Graciela Chichilnisky drafted and negotiated the carbon trading mechanism for the Kyoto Protocol. So using this technology, Global Thermostat will work on significantly reducing the CO2 emissions generated by the championship.

Consequently, Formula E has also already attracted many high-profile environmental supporters. For example and with the likes of Sir Richard Branson. As well as Leonardo DiCaprio and former UK science minister Lord Paul Drayson all associated with teams for the opening season.

Enrique Bañuelos, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Formula E, added: “This partnership between Global Thermostat and Formula E is a natural one. That’s as the core beliefs and goals associated with both companies are the same. Thereby reducing atmospheric carbon emissions and progressing the dialogue towards a sustainable future. It is our intention to bring carbon negative solutions to the hearts of the host cities around the world. Global Thermostat’s breakthrough technology, together with all of our partners, will make it possible. Possible for Formula E to pave the way towards uniting sustainability. By thereby connecting eco-minded corporations, entertainment, global governments, and the sports world.”

Finally and for more information on Formula E visit As well as alternatively on Global Thermostat, NEW YORK, USA (April, 2014)

Photo caption:
1. (Left to right): Global Thermostat founders Graciela Chichilnisky, Peter Eisenberger and Ben Bronfman next to their carbon capture technology.
2. (Left to right): Ben Bronfman, Principal of Business Development at Global Thermostat, with Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E.

For the entire story on the FIA Electric website

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