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Let’s just cut to the chase. Sharks are essential to the entire ocean food chain. Without them as the “keystone” species, meaning their extinction would be catastrophic. Back in 2011 was when my affinity for sharks came into sight.

You see as the poster at this event I went to shows how sharks are the king of the ocean food chain for a reason. Therefore their extinction leads to the extinction of the entire food chain.  You see sharks feed on the sickest of the fish in the lower food chain  so they cull out the week to improve the gene pool.

They also more noteworthy help keep species at down for overpopulation in the ocean would be terrible too. Imagine a ton of sea turtles just eating away at sea grass.  Not a good idea at all!

Sharks are essential fo our foodchain.

First of all, here is the Clearest Explanation of why #Sharks matter. Especially in the #foodchain ! I’m a #SharkAngel.

For as I’ve written before:

In 1993, Jamie Pollack took her first breath on Scuba underwater. That’s where she was preparing for her diving certification. However it was then that she knew she was hooked. From then on, her world opened up. Moreover her passion was always for any creature living beneath the sea.

For 17 years consequently she has traveled the world diving and even in that short time span. Jamie has witnessed the devastation of the ocean and our sharks. Yet sharks are essential to our food chain.


With 15 years of experience in advertising and graphic design, Jamie developed and produced brand identity. Then marketing materials for various corporations. Because she is a hands-on designer with management experience. Moreover one who has worked closely with account directors. Also copywriters and other designers. All to create and produce innovative solutions.
Her Personal Website Shows Her Great Beauty!  Plus fighting for the sharks is beautiful too.  So, Jamie is beautiful two times over!
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